Best Mobile Prepaid Plans in Malaysia: The Best Value Data Plan for RM30.

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As Malaysians, We are often faced with the biggest dilemma in our lives since mobile phones came into our lives, the question that we like to ask ourselves is which is better for our mobile package; postpaid or prepaid? it has became known that Malaysians prefer using prepaid services. This is because it is easier […]

Alkaline Water

Are You Drinking The Right Type Of Water? Find Out Why Alkaline Water is Beneficial For Your Health

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Alkaline water is a type of water in this world that carries the pH level of  7 and above and its pH value may also change in accordance to the types of chemicals and gases that are present in the water. Water can neither be high or low in pH. Neither can have adverse effects […]


Pros and Cons of Choosing a Favourite Bank

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Featured image adapted from PingMod They say that brand loyalty is dead. That the people of today are tempted by the best deal in town rather than any particular name they grow to trust. On the other hand, there’s something undoubtedly irresistible to walk into the door (or to log into your e-banking account) and […]