Top Reasons to Get Credit Card Insurance

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Most of us are familiar with common forms of insurance such as life, medical, and motor insurance, and some of us may have seen memes online of some outlandish insurance coverage such as leg insurance. But there are also lesser-known, normal insurance policies that we can purchase, such as credit card insurance. What is it, […]


Top Reasons to Use a Business Credit Card

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We’ve often touched on personal credit cards for use by Malaysians in general. This makes it relatable to everyone regardless of occupation or income level. But did you know that there is a separate category of credit cards specifically tailored for businessmen? Yes, they exist, and this is what you should know about them and […]


The Best Time to Apply for a Loan

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In all strategies, timing is key, so it should come as no surprise that good timing might just net you that loan! Time alone won’t guarantee an approved loan, but it doesn’t hurt to maximise your chances, right? Beginning of the Month Banks typically clear off their pending loan applications by the end of the […]


Tips And Rules for Celebrating Hari Raya

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With only less than 24 hours left before Hari Raya, what is there not to love about Hari Raya? From listening to the cheerful laughters of little children to people dressing up in Baju Melayu’s and Baju Kurungs with different colors, delicious food and delicacies, and the annual ritual of visiting one another’s home for […]


Zero-Rated GST & Insurance

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We’ve all come across websites trumpeting significant price drops for big purchases such as cars in Malaysia’s current zero-rated GST environment. However, most of these expensive purchases also necessitate insurance – so how is insurance faring with zero-rated GST? Brief GST Timeline The 6% Goods and Services Tax, or GST for short, was introduced between […]


Must-Have: Unifi Ramadhan Promo!

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Raya is coming soon in a little under two weeks. You know what that means: lots of duit raya, good food, and large family gatherings that fill your houses to bursting. And everyone wants your Wi-Fi password when they’re there. Oh, my Internet! UniFi to the Rescue All’s not lost though, because UniFi has launched […]