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Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Really Save You Money?


We’re big on saving the planet nowadays, and one way to do that is by saving energy, since by using less energy, you’re using less non-renewable energy (most of Malaysia’s electricity is generated with natural gas, two rapidly depleting resources), release less pollutants, and reduce your carbon footprint. We even have our own energy efficiency label, the Minimum Energy Performance ...

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7 Ways to Outsmart Your Bank


Banks exist to help you finance big purchases – in other, unsavoury words, it’s the source of most of your debt. They might seem hell-bent on making your life a misery while you repay the borrowed amount plus interest, but did you know that you can outsmart them, too? 1. Exploit your credit card’s interest-free days Your credit card has ...

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8 Ways to Become a Smart Consumer


Everyone wants to get value for their money, and we’re not above taking advantage of discounts and promotions to stretch the ringgit as far as it can go. Stay smart and stay safe with these tips today! Don’t send sensitive information online. You wouldn’t give your credit card details to a total stranger, so why would you share it via ...

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Is Your Emergency Fund Costing You Money?


Emergency funds are meant for emergencies, but what constitutes an emergency? Is it only for extreme cases such as job loss or long-term medical leave, or is it also for unexpected sporadic expenses such as car repairs or emergency medical expenses? If it’s for all of the above, how much should you save, or should you not bother with an ...

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Things To Consider When Investing In Jewellery


For centuries, jewellery has been a status symbol the wealthy as well as staunch symbols of devotion for couples. And who can forget the key locket gifted at 21 years of age as a sign of independence? Jewellery is really nice to look at, but how nice is it in terms of investment? Advantages It’s a Wearable Investment We connect ...

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5 Factors That Affect Property Prices


Property seems to be getting ever more expensive as the years – even months! – go by. It’s this near-constant climb that enforces the belief that real estate is a good investment. It definitely is, but there is a difference between buying cash cows and buying property for the sake of owning real estate. If you’re looking to earn a profit ...

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10 Things You Can Do to Start Spending Less


We all want to save up, whether it’s for that new iPad we’ve been eyeing, or for our nest egg post-retirement. However, being young and robust and surrounded by friends who are the same means that you might feel pressured to spend beyond your means in the guise of building and maintaining your social networks. Good news: you needn’t become ...

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Five Numbers Everyone Needs To Know


Working a job, getting paid, and saving part of that pay isn’t all that you need to know about your financial situation. You’ll need your salary (or profits) to sustain you even in the case of emergencies, or after you retire, so here are five numbers you should always be aware of when managing your finances. 1. How Much Money ...

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