3 Perks Worth Negotiating For In A Job

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All of us want a pay raise, especially in these financially trying times, but the “yes” for a fatter paycheck will undoubtedly be difficult to wrangle from employers. Non-monetary benefits, however, are a different can of worms. We already get some of the common ones, such as unpaid leave, company trips, and for some lucky, […]


12 Successful Brands You Didn’t Know Are Malaysian

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“Malaysia boleh!” is often exclaimed with a healthy dose of sarcasm and derision, but this time, we Malaysians really “boleh” – except that not everyone knows it. Oh, you know these brands, definitely. And stop thinking that they’re just another successfully imported brand, because they’re actually Made in Malaysia! 1. San Francisco Coffee You’re forgiven […]


5 Things Medical Insurance Does Not Cover

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If you once thought that medical insurance is your panacea to your medically-caused financial troubles, think again. There are some things that medical insurance does not cover, so read the fine print properly before you purchase one! 1. Pre-Existing Conditions A pre-existing condition is an illness or medical condition that existed before a insured person’s policy […]


5 Movies That Teach Us About Money

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There are so many lessons we can take away from movies besides their entertainment value, financial lessons included. Sometimes they are obvious; other times, they are subtle, not even mentioned in the movie, and apparent only in the actions of the characters. Observe how these movies treat money matters to get an idea: 1. Wall […]