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What You Need To Know About Inheritance


Inheritance involves a lot of legal work and with it, legal terms that don’t make sense to laymen. Whether you’re on the receiving end for inheritance or the one thinking about how you want your wealth to be distributed, you might want to brush up your knowledge of inheritance terms. Maybe you’re wondering, why bother when you can get a ...

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How to Have Multiple Income Streams


Financial independence need not be a pipe dream. It’s very much possible, except that for most of us, achieving it with only our desk jobs is a challenge. Many of us find it difficult to get by on our main income, but working two jobs isn’t always an option, either. You can, however, take the steps necessary to create multiple ...

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How to Update Your Will


Your will isn’t permanent until the day you pass away. The nature of a will is such that it only takes effect once you have passed on, and therefore can be changed/updated  throughout your lifetime if and when necessary. When Should You Update Your Will? The best reason to update your will is if you have acquired more assets and ...

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The Price of Motherhood in Malaysia


It’s no longer strictly the norm to be a stay-at-home mother as it was with our forefathers; in fact, today’s workforce comprises 54% women. That sounds like an impressive number, until you consider that neighbouring Singapore has a 60% labour participation rate, while Thailand boasts an impressive 70%! How does having a child change your circumstances at the workplace? You ...

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The 6-2-1-1 Approach to Financial Planning


The salary for fresh graduates leaves much to be desired, especially for those who are hoping to save up for their future. Many receive salaries between RM2,000 and RM2,500, if not less, leaving very little for investments. It feels impossible – but it’s not! The key is to set aside a portion of your salary every month. It doesn’t matter ...

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Can You Retire In Your 30s?


So maybe you’ve been thinking about retiring in your 30’s, really thinking about it, and you don’t want it to be just another pipe dream. You want to make it come true. Maybe you want to go travelling or enjoy things close to home. Either way is it really viable for anyone to be retiring at that age? Conditions for ...

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5 Tips For Choosing A Health Insurance


The current private healthcare system in Malaysia is, without a doubt, getting more and more expensive. That’s why it is vital you have health insurance. However, you don’t want to just get any random health insurance package. You want to purchase the health insurance package that will actually work for you and your family. To ensure you’re getting the right ...

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How Debt-Service Ratio Affects Your Loans


Ever wondered how exactly banks calculate a person’s eligibility for a housing loan? Some forms are filled in, keyboards are pounded on, calculations are penciled in and suddenly your loan application is either accepted or rejected! How does this happen? If you are as baffled as many people are about the loan eligibility determination methods used by banks, then you ...

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