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The Importance of Sales Skills


Many of you have worked in some type of sales job at one point or another in your lives. Whether it was at McDonald’s, Amway, or at the supermarket, here’s what you’ve learned from the experience, whether you know it or not! People Skills You’ve dealt with a lot of people, and unless you were totally incapable of doing your ...

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Buying a Phone: Retailer vs Telco


A few years ago, Malaysia’s telco giants began selling phones right from their centres, contract-bound, and they never looked back. Now, as consumers, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to places to buy our phones. We have telcos (Maxis, DiGi, Celcom and uMobile), authorised resellers (shops that don’t carry the brand names of Apple, Samsung, Oppo, or other brands, ...

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What Happens Debts After Death?


We all carry debt at some points of our lives. Sometimes, you just aren’t able to pay them off before you pass away. You may die accidentally, die from illness, or die from old age without fully polishing off your debt. You won’t get bogged down by them when you die, of course – but what about your family? Your ...

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Free Apps for Your Travel Needs


Has the travel bug bitten you yet this holiday season? November and December represent the longest unbroken holidays for school-going kids, so that’s when they’ll start clamouring for that trip that you’ve been putting off for the past year because they had school. Crowding is a bad enough an ordeal to endure during these times, so here are a few ...

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Reasons to Pay a Higher Down-Payment


If you’re new to real estate with a small fund to start with, you’re probably worried about the high loan rejection rates by Bank Negara Malaysia, which is reportedly as high as 70%, although several states such as Penang has tried to overcome this problem by creating new, lower-value categories of affordable housing, for starters, and parties have been mulling ...

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The Importance of Good English


For years now, our leaders have been oscillating between advocating for the English language and upholding the importance of our mother tongue, the Malay language. The concern led to the PPSMI program, where Mathematics and Science subjects were taught in English – only to be aborted in just six years, when just a single batch of students fully under-went the ...

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Always Pay These Off First!


It’s never nice to see our bank accounts dwindle down to near nothing almost as soon as they’re replenished, but most of us must make do with what we have. One way to eke out a comfortable living is to pay off your debts as soon as possible. With the limited cash you have, though, what should you pay off ...

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Places to Visit Before They Disappear!


Holiday Here While You Still Have the Chance! Hotter summers, shrinking ice caps, and more frequent droughts and floods aren’t the only effects of global warming. You’ll also find that some holiday spots are in danger of being wiped out of existence if something isn’t done to solve the matter. So what are you waiting for? Hit them up before ...

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