How to Handle a Flight Delay

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It’s every flyer’s nightmare save for a cancellation or a mishap: a delayed flight. Not only will it mess up your schedule. It will also waste your accommodations, travel plans, and – hopefully not! – business meeting plans. Unfortunately, no amount of grumbling will bring your flight back to its path, so here are a […]


Are You Ready to Retire by Yourself?

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EPF is worried that more than half its account holders barely have enough to comfortably survivenot working past retirement; indeed, RM50,000 is a small figure when you factor in inflation and rising medical costs as you age past your prime. At the same time, it’s a big figure to accumulate over your effective working lifetime […]


Choosing Between Growth and Value Investing

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You’ve probably thought about investing as a way to make some passive income. There are, however, many types and styles of investments, and not all of them are your cup of tea. Are you more of a growth investor or a value investor? Both types have significantly different characteristics, so you might want to find […]


How Will the Hike of Transportation Rates Affect You?

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2015 seems to be fare hike year for Malaysia’s main modes of public transport. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced a toll hike on the heels of announcements of fare hikes for other public transportation. The public outcry was immense. Some cried out against further burdening Malaysians on top of the Goods and Services […]


When Less Is Better Better

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We all have our wants, and when we fulfill a want, we want more. It is a natural sequence of action for us. In some cases, having multiples of some things – or more accurately, buying things in bulk – really is better for you because you’ll be able to save money due to economies […]