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5 Financial Lessons Every Young Adult Should Learn


Most schools do not teach money management. Survey shows that parents rather talk about the birds and bees than wealth management. So what are the best financial lessons and advice for young people just starting to make money? Here are five financial lessons that can literally change a young person’s life forever. Work At Every Chance You Get What other ...

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6 Super-Effective Boosts for Your Credit Rating


  It is said that having no credit rating is worse than having a bad credit rating, and having a bad credit rating is, well, bad. A bad credit rating is why people have trouble trying to secure bank loans and other forms of credit. A good credit rating is more likely to get that loan application approved. One of ...

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Working Past Retirement: What Should You Prepare?


  Whether it’s for a challenge, a sense of fulfillment, or simply a lack of options, working past retirement slaving away in an office cubicle can be, at a glance, a distasteful option, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Flexibility and less physically strenuous activity would be nice aims to achieve. Here are several ways to prepare your ...

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Should You Consider Joint Home Ownership?

Joint Loan

  Unless you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, a mortgage loan for a property is a decades-long commitment, one that you may not be able to qualify for by yourself at the present time. When that happens, you can choose to either wait a while longer to build up your savings and credit rating, or to co-sign ...

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How to Cheat Death with a Survivorship Clause


Okay, so maybe the survivorship clause isn’t the key to eternal life, or anything flashy like that, but it does help your survivors circumvent the inconvenience – if not the heartbreak – caused by your death. You’d want your family to be able to live on comfortably without you, and to a certain extent, that comfort is guaranteed by financial ...

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Are Money Matters Getting in the Way of Your Life Decisions?


66% have admitted that financial fears are the worst things they fear in their lives. Considering that many of us are graduating into debt, or falling into debt once we make big-ticket purchases such as our first car or house, it’s a very real fear, but it shouldn’t debilitate our life decisions. Like any other fear, financial fears can be ...

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How to Improve Your Home Security for Free


You’d be forgiven if your first thought to keep your valuables safe is to find places that crooks won’t look. Sure, finding safe spots (hint: drawers, closets and freezers are bad ideas) might prevent some of your valuables from being looted, but the best outcome is no burglaries at all. Even a half-thorough attempt through your home will result in ...

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The Benefits of Ride-Sharing Apps


Malaysia has been embroiled in a war over ride-sharing apps and the turf they share with existing taxis for a few months now. Taxi drivers are unhappy, going as far as to ‘kidnap’ ride-sharing drivers and protesting in Kuala Lumpur. The government keeps oscillating between banning such apps altogether and regulating them instead. Laws come into play, prominently the lack ...

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