5 Financial Lessons Every Young Adult Should Learn

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Most schools do not teach money management. Survey shows that parents rather talk about the birds and bees than wealth management. So what are the best financial lessons and advice for young people just starting to make money? Here are five financial lessons that can literally change a young person’s life forever. Work At Every […]


How to Improve Your Home Security for Free

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You’d be forgiven if your first thought to keep your valuables safe is to find places that crooks won’t look. Sure, finding safe spots (hint: drawers, closets and freezers are bad ideas) might prevent some of your valuables from being looted, but the best outcome is no burglaries at all. Even a half-thorough attempt through […]


The Benefits of Ride-Sharing Apps

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Malaysia has been embroiled in a war over ride-sharing apps and the turf they share with existing taxis for a few months now. Taxi drivers are unhappy, going as far as to ‘kidnap’ ride-sharing drivers and protesting in Kuala Lumpur. The government keeps oscillating between banning such apps altogether and regulating them instead. Laws come […]