8 Ways to Make Your Bucket List a Reality

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Featured image via Etsy What do you want to do before you die? Many people don’t really like that phrase, and superstitious people might consider it ominous.  So instead we have the “bucket list”, a useful euphemism for the same thing. Whatever your feelings are about the term, it is still nice, even important, to […]


Build More Fail-Safes into Your Credit Card!

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Your credit card already comes with several built-in protections, such as encryption technology, the ability to dispute charges to the card, and better consumer protection in terms of liability. Despite all these security measures, credit card scams and identity thefts are still relatively wide-spread. Here’s how to be more pro-active in securing your credit card […]

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Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Car?

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No, upgrading does not strictly mean changing cars. In the interest of economics and minimal financial impact, the car upgrade meant in this article refers to trade-ins, trade-ups, and after-market additional installations, and not the outright purchase of a new unit. That said, when is the time ripe for an upgrade, and how long should […]


Does it Pay to be Loyal?

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Are the days of brand loyalty dead and gone, or are they still going strong? In this age of transience and fast-paced change, everyone seems to be game to try something new. And yet the brand names that have been around for generations and withstood the test of time, behemoths that have become generalised mascots […]


How to Spot a Winning Durian

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Featured image via Blogspot.com Malaysia’s durian season started later than usual this year, making it possible for durian lovers and curious first-timers to continue sniffing out the best of the king of fruits well into the month of July. Actually, improved logistics and strong demand has caused durian to become available all-year round, but durian […]


Sneaky Scams and How to Avoid Them

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Featured image via BestThinking.com A woman in Labuan became one of the latest Malaysian victims of an Internet scam reported this year. Reports of scammed victims surface ever so often on social media and in newspapers, so much that we may become desensitised except for a small note on how much they lost. That’s naive […]