Broadband Wars: Who’s the Best?

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Great news: from 2017 onwards, we can supposedly look forward to twice our current broadband speed for the same price over the next two years plus a lifestyle tax relief that also includes relief for an Internet subscription! Maxis’s call for a standard of measurement for telcos in November is the rallying call to quantify […]


Lifestyle Tax: Good or Bad?

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It’s not just home financing schemes that’s gotten a make-over; the way you claim your tax relief is just about to change, too. The new tax is called the ‘lifestyle tax’, and it’s actually an amalgamation of several different tax reliefs that were available (or once available) several years prior. Even better yet, it looks […]


Financing Your Home is About to Get Easier

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The term end-financing has been cropping up quite often recently in the wake of the recently-announced Budget 2017, most notably in the promise of a step-up end-financing scheme that will make home acquisition easier for first-time home buyers. But to the initiated, what exactly is end-financing, and how does it help? End-Financing End-financing is basically […]


Creative Ways to Earn Money

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Featured image via Money Crashers Are you looking for ways to earn money that doesn’t involve writing, freelancing, or blogging? You never know when something you tried just for kicks can turn into something lucrative, just like Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage. You never know when it’ll turn into something more Then consider trying one […]


How to Help When Disasters Strike

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The world seems to be awash with devastating disasters over the past decade. We had the 2004 earthquake in Indian Ocean that triggered a large-scale tsunami; more recently this year, we had the Bonin Island earthquake in Japan, drought in South Africa, pollution across much of South-East Asia. Man-made disasters include the Brazilian mine disaster […]


Long Weekends in 2017

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Don’t quell your wanderlust just yet! True, there are only three more long weekends to go in 2016, but 2017 is bringing with it more long weekends, more days off, and even more chances for longer travel periods with the least leave applications possible. Isn’t that just awesome? More Days Off It’s difficult to defeat […]