Beware of AWAS!

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Featured image via SAYS Come April 2017, the Automated Awareness Safety System (AWAS) which was delayed by almost year from its original launch date of May 2016 will start operations, so for those who tend to drive recklessly, it’s time to be careful! What is AWAS? The conveniently-acronymed AWAS actually makes use of both the […]


How to Dial 999 Without Talking

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Featured image via MERS 999 There are some emergency situations when you cannot talk to a phone operator. Unfortunately, silent calls might be mistaken as prank calls and dropped by the operator without successfully conveying the emergency at hand. Some countries like the UK request that you input additional numbers (55 in the UK), or […]


How to Judge the Best Waterproof Phone

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Featured image via Mobile Kangaroo You have to admit that there’s something very alluring about knowing your mobile phone is safe when it comes into contact with water. Waterproof phones have yet to become the norm, so how are you supposed to evaluate the models that are available in the market? Measuring Stick The waterproof […]


The Fastest Google Search Shortcuts You Need to Know

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Featured image via The Google search engine is a very helpful tool. Such search engines have revolutionised the way we look for information: if you want to know something, type the keywords into the Search bar and you’re all set. But for all its convenience, did you know that the Google search engine can […]