Are You Looking for a Practical Valentine’s Gift?

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Does your partner not care for the traditionally flowery approach for Valentine’s? Then perhaps you need something more practical, like a phone, rather than something that withers and dies in days? Oppo 9Rs Oppo amped up its Valentine’s offering this year with its limited, customisable Oppo R9s Valentine Red Edition. It’s a lovely red, comes […]


Simplify: Your Best Friend for Data!

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Have you ever been frustrated looking for much-need Wi-Fi overseas? Thanks to Malaysian entrepreneur Yen Pei Tay, that may soon be a thing of the past. His app, Simplify, aims to do away with the furious hunt for cheap Wi-Fi (or any Wi-Fi zone, for that matter) whenever you’re overseas or simply lacking your own […]


R.I.P., Pac-Man’s Dad!

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Featured image via Smashbros Pac-Man lives on as a popular and well-loved game — and as of 22 January 2017, may it be a lasting tribute to Japanese video game pioneer and ‘father’ of Pac-Man, Masaya Nakamura. Mr. Nakamura passed away two Sundays ago, although his company only announced his death on 30 January 2017. […]