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How Do Free Mobile Apps Make Money?


Aren’t you curious how apps that are totally free on the App Store or Google Play make money? What makes free apps worth its developer’s time? ‘Free’ and ‘earning money’ seem like paradoxes; how can you earn from something that’s free? The immediate answer for that is advertising or in-app purchases, but there are in reality several other money-making incentives ...

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The Power of Teen-Driven E-Commerce


The millennials may have the older generations shaking their heads, but their successors, Generation Z, are those who have fully breached the divide between the pre- and boom. Generation Z are the children who have grown up entirely familiar with electronic gadgets, the Internet, smartphones, and tablets, and they’re now entering their adolescent years. They’re used to documenting their ...

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The Best Way to Keep Your Phone Spam-Free


Your mailbox is now smart enough to more or less reliably separate spam from your regular emails. Unfortunately, the same can yet be said for spam SMSes to your phone number, unless enough complaints have been lodged for your service provider to react. If they haven’t, though, here’s what you can do about it — and how to prevent future ...

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Join the Biggest Mobile Gaming Tournament in Malaysia!


Featured image via GameHero Did you use to wish that Counter Strike had an app so that you could play it wherever you go? Well, now you can (sort of). Sky Invasion 3D is now available as an app for Android and iOS, and it’s a nation-wide competition to boot! Celcom Game Hero The game is the star of the ...

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Which MaxisONE Home Broadband is the Best for You?


Featured image via Maxis Maxis may be more synonymous with a mobile telecommunications service nearly two decades long, but the past few years has seen it diversify into home broadband with MaxisONE Home. Five different MaxisONE Home packages are available for the home user, making it easier for you to pick one that suits your budget and your needs. Why ...

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How to Make the Most of Your Smartphone


Featured image via Freepik The prices of smartphones may have become more affordable in recent years, but the high-end ones with the specifications you’ve been eyeing tend to cost a lot. If you want to get one of the better models anyway, here are some tips on how to make the most of the premium smartphone you get! Use It ...

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Nokia 3310 Unveiled!


Featured image via bbc The Nokia 3310 was the star of the show at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Everyone was curious about the debut — or should we be calling it the re-debut? — of Nokia’s best-selling phone from 2000. The question is this: does it live up to its old hype? What’s New? New Colours You’ll ...

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