Smartphone Trends that Tanked

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Featured image via Forbes Probably almost all your friends and family own some type of phone nowadays. The phones that persevered are the results of trial and error, constant improvements, and of course, the inevitable, occasional failure. Call it the survival of the fittest or what will you, but the smartphone industry has seen its […]


Are Wearables Worth It?

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Wearables are becoming more and more ubiquitous nowadays, in part thanks to the success of the smartphone and wireless connections. Unlike smartphones, wearables are a relatively recent introduction, and its market is expected to boom in the hundreds of millions by 2019, according to Juniper Research. For all that, though, the wearable industry has a […]


New UniFi Lite Plan for Only RM149!

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Did you miss the opportunity to subscribe to UniFi back when it still offered its VIP5 and VIP10 plans? Well, now the 10Mbps plan is making a comeback, and it’s cheaper than before, too! What You Get The old VIP10 plan offered uniform 10Mbps upload and 10Mbps download speeds for RM199. For the same download […]


What is the Internet of Things?

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Pretty much everyone and their grandfather is at least passably familiar with the idea of the Internet. It’s a virtual gateway to endless sources of information, entertainment, and many others besides. For all that, the Internet has so far remained, well, virtual, until recently when it gained a new appendix: there is now an Internet […]


Be the First to Own a Samsung Galaxy S8!

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Featured image via Samsung The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be open for pre-orders come 11 April 2017, so for those looking to snap up these new phones, it’s time to hit Samsung’s website! Keep your fingers and Internet connection ready for when 10am rolls around, because the pre-order offer will close at midnight […]


Make the Most of Free Astro GO!

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Featured image via Astro Astro GO — formerly Astro-on-the-Go — is back, newer, sleeker, and FREE for two months, even if you’re not an Astro subscriber. For those not in the know, Astro GO is Astro’s streaming service for both its Astro and Astro NJOI subscribers, which enables you to stream live TV channels, shows, […]