Monthly Archives: May 2017

Now Android’s Also Ready to GO!


Featured image via PC Advisor Looks like ‘GO’ is the new catchphrase for giant launches in 2017. First we had the rave Pokemon Go in 2016, Astro GO (a revamp of Astro on the Go) earlier in the year, and now it looks like Android is picking up the same moniker with its new project name, Android Go, whose compatible ...

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Celcom’s Android Messages: The Successor of SMS?


Featured image via CapGemini Android Messages, according to Celcom, is the future of messaging, and it symbolises one more step towards the replacement of Short Messaging Service, fondly known as SMS. This is made possible with Rich Communication Service, or RCS for short. What is RCS? Image via Open Connection As aforementioned, RCS stands for Rich Communication Service, which can ...

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NJOI Now with Astro!


Featured image via Astro Astro seems to be rolling out free versions of its services lately. First there was Astro GO, the revamped version of Astro on the Go, and now a free version of Astro NJOI, called NJOI Now, is available for your viewing pleasure. What is NJOI Now? Image via Astro Like Astro GO, NJOI Now is Astro’s ...

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Goodbye, Celcom WiFiPlus!


Featured image via Facebook How many of you have taken advantage of Celcom’s complimentary WiFiPlus service? If you loved it, gear up for the last few days of use, because Celcom is retiring the WiFiPlus after 16 May 2017. What is Celcom WiFiPlus? Do you remember seeing a WiFiPlus data balance right below your monthly usage data balance? Have you ...

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Scam Alert! Google Docs Email Phishing Scam


Google Docs is a convenient online-based word processor that can be accessed across all your Internet-enabled devices, essentially allowing you to say bye-bye to cases of forgetting your pendrive. It also makes group collaborations so much easier, since multiple users can work on the same document and update it in real time, simply by accepting a link that shares the ...

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Scam Alert: Missed Call Trap!


A new call scam is in the air, and hundreds of people have been hit. This time, it entails missed calls from a free phone-forwarding service, allegedly from the United Kingdom (UK), bearing numbers starting with “+447”. Educate yourself about this scam so that you don’t fall victim to it! The Area Code +44 is the country code for the ...

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