3 kelebihan buat duit dengan affiliate marketing

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Risiko rendah Kenapa risiko rendah? Sebab anda tidak perlu mengeluarkan duit anda sendiri dan hanya mencari program-program affiliate di Malaysia dan mendaftar di platform mereka! Antara program affiliate yang ada di Malaysia seperti :- Klikjer BolehCompare Affiliate program Lazada Affiliate Program InvolveAsia Zalora Affiliate Program Konsep affiliate ini dimana kita mempromosi produk-produk yang ditawarkan dengan […]


Webe Reborn: Unifi Mobile!

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Do you remember our farewell article for webe just last week? Well, it seems that this phoenix is rising out of the ashes in a flash, because TM has announced its reincarnation, Unifi Mobile! Quick Recap In case you didn’t feel like reading a whole new article on what webe was, webe was TM’s WiMAX […]


No Cab? Rent a Car!

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Featured image via Facebook KLites, you’re probably very familiar with Grab and Uber by now. It’s just that, sometimes, what you need is not just a convenient one-way ride, but all the perks that go along with driving your own car, too. And that’s where SOCAR comes in! What’s SOCAR? SOCAR puts a new twist […]


Elections 101: Clues

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Elections don’t happen overnight, so if you know what to look for, you might just find some signs that indicate an impending election. Sentiments The levels of anticipation in Malaysia is higher than it has ever been before, with two main political coalitions contesting in the past two General Elections and upsetting the norms of […]


Elections 101: Preparing for a GE

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Holding a general election isn’t a walk in a park. There are many procedures that the Malaysian government has to follow before a general election can happen, so don’t worry, it won’t happen overnight! According to the Constitution of Malaysia, and the Election Commission that governs elections in Malaysia, there are six steps that must […]