TIME Internet

TIME Offers Up To 5X Faster Speeds In Response To Unifi’s Turbo Upgrade.

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Times have never been more exciting for broadband services offered in Malaysia. Just a couple of months ago, Telekom Malaysia has announced their plan with their UniFi Turbo Upgrade Plans that has speeds up to 800Mbps, while Maxis and Celcom had also reduced their prices for their fibre home broadband offers. Apparently, it also appears […]

Supersave Mall In Malaysia

Have You Seen This Convenience Store Around West Malaysia?

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What is SuperSave? Established in Sarawak since 2000, Supersave Group is a retail company that provides customers with household goods, gifts, and various accessories in the most convenient and time saving way with affordable and competitive pricing. What Does SuperSave Sell? With more than 50 000 products over 70 outlets currently, Supersave Group is gradually […]


RM25 per Credit Card: Worth It?

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SST2.0 has seen a slew of tax changes for Malaysians, some welcome, and some not. But one particular tax on something most Malaysians have grown accustomed to using is the subject of much surprise and debate: the RM25 tax on credit cards. Suddenly all of us are questioning ourselves…convenience aside, is paying RM25 per card […]