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Earlier this month, Apple has just announced its new arrival of its 3 new flagship phones and you know what this means, you would now be figuring out on how you are able to afford the new iPhone XS Max and it is all because, you want it right? The newly launched iPhones will also be the biggest iPhone ever and will come with some outstanding camera tricks.

Additionally, this would also be the most expensive iPhones ever sold. The Malaysian pricing has yet to be revealed, but Apple is currently selling its iPhone XS Max in Singapore for the price of SGD1799 which translates to about RM5400, that is RM300 more expensive than last years iPhone X. And the pricing of this iPhone also only comes with a minimum storage of 64GB with the 512 GB version that will make the price soar up to RM7100

Thankfully, Apple usually introduces its new iPhone series into Malaysia a month after it is launched in Singapore, which gives you some time to plan on how you are able to afford a phone that costs more than a down payment for certain cars.

 Save Up

There is certainly nothing wrong with stashing all your cold hard cash under your mattress. It might take a while, depending on how much you’re able to put away each month. On the other hand, you only have a month to save up for the new iPhone. Plus, trimming your  living expenses might not be enough to get you over the finish line.

Slow and steady may win the race. But you’re looking at next year’s iPhone if you start saving now.

Local Telcos

Purchasing an iPhone from your favorite telco might seem the most popular method to afford the phone at such a ridiculous retail pricing. All major telcos such as Celcom, Digi, Maxis and Umobile will offer some sort of deals for the iPhone, including upfront payments usually about half the price of buying the phone off from the shelf.

Besides that, some telco offer other additional discounts for pre – orders, and that includes home delivery. This will also include midnight launches so you don’t have to wait very long to get your phone especially to all diehard Apple fans.

That said, these telcos still require you to sign a new 2 year contract for the device. This means that you will won’t be able to purchase new Apple devices for next year. It’s a tricky decision to make, unless you’re willing to pay for penalty due to termination to change phones every year.

 Installment Payment

You want to be able to buy the iPhone, but can’t pay the price up front and are not interested in being tied to a telco. In that case, Apple retailers often have installment plans in hand; though it requires credit card. These range from 6 to 36 months and come with their own range of conditions.

Take a personal loan

This sounds like the most extreme option, but it does come with its own benefits. Think of it as an installment plan for people who don’t want to own a credit card. In fact, Apple electronics retailers, Machines will actually help you with this micro-financing option as part of their easy payment schemes.

You may also opt for personal loan through your preferred bank. if you have a decent credit score, you should not fear for any questions asked  or may just get a good laugh out of your answer.

However, don’t forget the interest rate for such a – comparatively – small amount which can add to a portion of the total sum you will have to pay at the end of the day. Interest rates generally fluctuate between 8- and 18-percent, although Aeon’s credit services currently offer 0-percent short term loans.


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