Good day fellow Malaysians! It’s the time of the year when the holy month of Ramadhan has descended upon us once again. What comes into your mind when you know  that the Holy month of Ramadhan is here? You guessed it! The usual Ramadhan bazaars nationwide which will unfold its own stores with colorful umbrellas selling various kinds of food and delicacies. Irrespective of religion and race, everybody loves the good ol’ Ramadhan Bazaars during this period and that’s what makes us Malaysians, Our love for FOOD!!

What’s So Good About the Ramadan month?

Everybody has a chance to leave work earlier especially working moms who do not have time to cook. They can just go to a bazaar nearby and purchase their favorite food at their own convenience and what more,  it is good for hostel students too as they are able to buy their favorite snacks and food such as rendang and murtabak without having to waste time to look for food elsewhere or cook their own dishes.

Foreigners who are lucky enough may even have this opportunity to indulge themselves in different tastes of Malaysian culture offered at various bazaars during their visit here.

With only 3 weeks left into Ramadan, you would not want to miss your chances of jumping onto the bandwagon by visiting different Ramadan Bazaars in different locations around Klang Valley and to our delight, we would like to list out 5 of the best bazaars that may be worth visiting.


Image Source: Safie Mokhtar

Section 13, Stadium Shah Alam

Extensive is the accurate word that describes well the situation in this bazaar. With about 200 stalls in place, you can argue that this stall is also arguably the king of bazaars. With its size, you are able to find almost every kind of delicious food that you are able to buy home for buka puasa such as Ayam Golek and Satar.


Image Source: backpackingmalaysia.com

Taman Tun Dr Ismail ( TTDI) 

Being rated as one of the biggest bazaars in Klang Valley. This bazaar is also the host various kinds of scrumptious and delicious delights in some of them can only be bought during Ramadan itself such as Murtabak Maggi and Mie Cord Penang Char Kuey Teow. According to one blogger, the char kuey toew tastes delicious and it is also similar to the authentic Penang style.


Image source: timeout.com

Kampung Baru

This bazaar located along Jalan Raja Alang is the biggest Ramadan bazaar in Kuala Lumpur and the biggest on this list and home to traditional Malay food to rare deserts such as the Tepung Pelita Istimewa Paya Jeras.


Image source: Facebook

With its tagline, Rasa Sebulan, Rindu Setahun, it is worth indulging in this sweet and salty dessert for the next 2-3 before you start rindu-ing for the whole year. Same goes to the rest of the delicacies.

taman-melawati-bazaar taman-melawati-bazaar

Image sources: corbycinta and hostelhunting.com

Taman Melawati 

Located at Melawati Square, between Jalan Bandar and Jalan Bandar 3, This bazaar is home to various kinds of seafood, from grilled to fried including tauhu bakar . Taman Melawati is often a friendly neighbourhood with stalls having familiar faces seen during this season. What keeps these bazaar busy and strong is the tight bond you’ll see between sellers and customers.

What makes Taman Melawati so special also is that certain stalls are also operated by local celebrities / personalities and their family members. You wouldn’t want to miss this chance of indulging yourself with their delicacies would you?



Image source: Starproperty.my

Puchong Perdana Bazaar

Like other Ramadhan Bazaars, there are varieties of food and drinks sold there and do not expect it to be less crowded. Some of the famous yet delicious goodies you can get for a limited time only throughout this Ramadan period is the Ayam Percik in sticks that doesn’t cost you more than RM10 . The percik sauce also tastes unique from the others due to the special ingredients and hence, a different way of preparing them. Besides that, you can also find some sweet treats over there such as some “kuih muih” from Kelantan and other states prepared uniquely in its own culture thus, preserving its authenticity.

There are more good bazaars around Klang Valley and Malaysia that you can visit, its just the matter of what kind of food you want to indulge on and whether it suits your convenience from your home and your office.


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