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Google has been saying ‘Allo over your smartphone for quite a while, but sometimes, nothing beats the convenience of having everything on one computer screen. Despite Google’s stubbornness so far at sticking to mobile platforms, it seems that Allo is finally going to be primed for web clients as well. That’s great news!

What is Google Allo?

Think of Allo as a new competitor to Facebook Messenger. Allo is an instant messaging app for both Android and iOS smartphone users. Like Voice-over-Internet-Protocol apps like WhatsApp, Allo uses your unique phone number to identify you

What’s So Special About Allo?

Unlike WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, Allo comes with a virtual assistant, Google Assistant. It can also suggest replies for you (now that’s a handy thing for awkward conversations!), and the ability to encrypt your conversations. To make your conversations more fun, users can also resize messages, doodle, and add stickers on pictures before sending them to the recipient.

Smart Reply

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Allo can be one smart aleck, if you want it to! By logging your conversations (yes, unfortunately, encryption doesn’t entirely mean privacy), Allo can ‘learn’ how you respond, and eventually suggest answers that sound more and more like you and less like a semi-automated app.

Disadvantages of Allo

No app is perfect – though they certainly do try to be! – and Google Allo is no different, even if it does have a superb parent. Here’s a few things you might want to consider before you jump onto the Allo bandwagon:

Lack of Privacy

WhatsApp has mostly stuck to its guns with regards to the privity of your conversations. Not so with Allo. While Google promised privacy when the Allo was first revealed, it seems like it’s had to compromise for its Smart Reply feature instead.

No Calls

Then again, this may not be an actual disadvantage, since Allo was not meant to be a VoIP app in the first place. You can always send voice messages, though.

Say Allo to Web!

Codes hidden in an apk file of Allo version 15 seems to have revealed an ‘Allo for Web’ option. It seems like the way to get Allo from phone screen to web will be just like WhatsApp: scan a QR code on the screen, and you’re paired! It’s not known yet whether the code will lead you directly to a mirror of your phone’s Allo conversations or a home portal, but you’ll find out soon enough in ‘a few more weeks’, according to Google.


It’s barely a year old, but with a developer like Google, Allo sure sounds promising!

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