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Were you ever annoyed that you have to pay for both data and home WiFi every month? Have you ever considered cutting your subscription for either one of them due to budget constraints? Well, now that MaxisONE Prime is here, you can throw that problem out of the window!

What is MaxisONE Prime?

MaxisONE Prime is Maxis’s answer to your data cost-cutting measures. This freshly launched plan offers endless home and mobile data, not just for you, but for your entire family. Say goodbye to paying for one WiFi plus five data lines, because now you’ll get to integrate them all under one plan that banks on Maxis’s home fibre network with 4G Wireless.

Why Choose MaxisONE Prime?

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If simply the idea and convenience of combining all your data plans into one plan isn’t enticing enough, here are a few more tidbits to consider about the MaxisONE Prime:

Unlimited High-Speed Data, Calls, & SMS

Enjoy endless calls and SMS over up to five (5) mobile lines! Better yet, your high-speed data over Maxis’s 4G Wireless will be unlimited, too. There’s one tiny caveat – Maxis reserves the right to tone down streamed videos to SD or 480p resolutions if your usage exceeds 300GB or if there is congestion – but 300GB still works out to 60GB per individual line, so you’re still looking at a very competitive plan.

Zero Down-Time High-Speed Fibre

Maxis claims to have the widest 4G coverage in Malaysia. This means you get to enjoy the Internet almost everywhere you go.

Latest Home and Mobile Devices

The MaxisONE Prime can come as part of a bundle, and it’s not just the typical smartphones you stand to grab. This time, choose from a variety of smartphones under the Zerolution plan from RM21 per month, a Samsung 65” 4K Ultra Smart TV for RM223 per month; a Samsung Cinematic Wireless Smart Soundbar with Dolby Atos for RM206 per month, or a Panasonic 49” 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for RM208 per month.

Maxpert Help

Hit a problem you can’t solve? Don’t worry, the Maxperts from Maxis will be there to save your day, pronto. Just give them a call and they’ll try to solve your problem for you.

Basic Offering

MaxisONE Prime starts out with one primary fibre (either 30Mbps, 50Mbps or 100Mbps) and 1 primary mobile line. The most basic 30Mbps fibre line plus one mobile line costs RM367 per month; 50Mbps plus one line is RM407 per month; and 100Mbps plus one line is RM487 per month.


Of course, there’s always the ability to upgrade should you need it. You can add up to four additional mobile lines to your MaxisONE Prime plan for RM48 per line per month. And if you want more devices to spice up your entertainment, you can choose to bundle a latest home or mobile device with your plan and pay for it via monthly installments.


With unlimited WiFi AND unlimited data (for now, at least) in a single, convenient package, the MaxisONE Prime is sure to charm its way into your home and wallet!

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