Onward to 5G Internet!

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The introduction of 4G by Maxis in 2013 may have just been a few years ago, but a new, improved version is already ready to be rolled out. When will it arrive at Malaysian shores? As it turns out, we may not have to wait very long at all! 5G Worldwide Talks about 5G has […]


The Best Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

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Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident. A car accident might mean that you may claim from your car insurance, and thus lose that valuable No-Claim Discount you’ve been hoarding so carefully all these years. That said, sometimes you have to spend some in order to save some. Here are some maintenance items […]


Clarifying Digital Tax

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Here’s some good news: the digital tax that’s been announced will only apply to paid online services! Here’s what you need to know about it: What is Digital Tax? Digital tax, as a general definition, is a tax imposed on digital transactions involving e-commerce and sharing economy activities. Although it sounds shocking, digital tax has […]


Scam Alert: False Google Details

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If you don’t know something, Google it. We trust Google to provide us the information we’re looking for, but unfortunately, not everything you find online can be trusted – not even, it seems, something as innocent as contact details of banks. Their Modus Operandi Thanks to widespread awareness of fraud tactics, more people have wizened […]


More News From Broadband : A Compilation

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It’s been another busy time for the broadband industry. Over the past fortnight, the media has been abuzz with news after news about the trajectory of our broadband packages. If you missed any, don’t worry: we’ve compiled snippets of the news for you here, so that you can read them all in one go! Alternative […]


Astro-Maxis IPTV Customers to Get Faster, Cheaper Package Too

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More and more Malaysians have been able to enjoy faster, cheaper Internet packages throughout the country, and now it’s time for those with bundled packages to enjoy the benefits as well! Upgrade Time! Perhaps you remember a time back in late August 2018 when Maxis announced its new broadband plans. Perhaps you were excited when […]