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Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could test a game to see if you liked it or not before you actually squeeze some space for it on your smartphone’s precious memory space? Well, if you’re on Android, now you can!

Google Play Instant

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The trick to accessing this sweet feature is to use Google Play Instant. It’s a new feature that Google is looking to implement in its Google Play Store, and its purpose is to give you the ability to test out new games without actually installing them on your smartphone first.

How to Use

Google has made this feature really easy to access for Android users. All you need to do is tap on the Try Now button that is located next to the Install button on the app’s page, then voila! You’ll get to try the app for free before downloading it.

Google is working on reducing the size of these trial runs, so you can expect each test to cost you less than 10MB sometime soon. Of course, this might also mean that you’ll get only a tiny taste of a comprehensive game, but if you like it, you can download it, right?

Why Use Google Play Instant?

Storage Space

Mobile apps, especially mobile games, tend to take up a lot of storage space in our smartphones, and there’s already not enough storage space to go around! This way, you’ll get a sneak peek at that interesting-looking game to see if it’s right up your alley before you let it have a home in your phone.


We can never have enough data! Unfortunately, the more interactive mobile games not only require a constant Internet connection to play, but they also need a lot of data to be installed in the first place. That’s all right if you have access to Wi-Fi, but for those who don’t, your data has to be carefully monitored so that you have just enough data to last the month. Yikes. So for this group of gamers, Google Play Instant is a lifesaver: forget wasting data for a game you end up not liking, because now you’ll get to test it out first!


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This is a new development for Google, and sadly, it will also be available for newer versions of Android as well. Your smartphone has to be running on Android Lollipop at the very least to be able to take advantage of Google Play Instant. Hopefully, you’re able to update your Android version…otherwise, you’ll have to “update” your physical smartphone before you can try it!


Okay, technically you can start using Google Play Instant right now, but it’s actually so new that it’s currently only available for a handful of games, such as Mighty Battles. Google is working on getting more game developers on board, so there should be a better selection soon.

Also, since this feature is offered by Google, sorry iOS users, you’ll have to sit this one out!


Google Play Instant seems to be shaping up into a very interesting preview model for apps. Here’s to hoping you don’t spend too long testing games!

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