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Were the existing UniFi packages tempting but too expensive for you? For a limited time only, a special UniFi promotion is up for grabs, and it’ll cost you less than RM100 a month!

About UniFi

UniFi currently offers three different plans under two different packs. Choose from the Pro Plan, Advance Plan, and Lite Plan, with descending Internet speeds and subscription prices in that order. Then decide whether you prefer the Mobility Pack (which comes bundled with webemobile) or the Entertainment Pack (which comes with HyppTV and either Aneka pack, Varnam Pack, Ruby Pack, Sports Pack, or Jumbo Lite Pack). Special conditions apply to the Lite Plan, though.

The Package Offered

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The package on offer is the UniFi Lite Plan under the Entertainment Pack, which is the lightest and cheapest of the three UniFi packages available. However, the promotion comes without HyppTV Everywhere that usually comes with the Lite plans, so this means you’ll get an Internet-only plan – no HyppTV Set-Top-Box or HyppTV Everywhere under this plan, sorry! – which will give you the Internet access you need, but without TM’s entertainment perks.

The Speeds

The UniFi Lite Plan under the Entertainment Pack lets you enjoy 10Mbps download speeds and 5Mbps upload speeds, and the Lite promotion is the same.

Paid Perks

If TM’s freebies aren’t enough for you, you can also fork out a bit more to obtain more goodies. HyppTV Everywhere can be yours for an additional RM30 a month. There are rumours that this promotional plan is also stripped of free calls, so this really is a bare-bones Internet plan for your basic Internet needs.

The Cost

Under this promotion, the UniFi Lite Plan under the Entertainment Pack can be yours for just under RM100…at RM99 a month. That’s RM30 savings a month, or RM360 a year, that can go towards many other things in your household.

Can You Downgrade?

Unfortunately, existing UniFi subscribers cannot downgrade their package to the promotional UniFi Lite Plan. The only way to take up this plan is to cancel your current subscription, pay the penalty fees for both UniFi (RM500) and HyppTV (over RM1,000) if your contract period is yet to end,

The Terms and Conditions

24 Months Contract

Keep in mind that you’ll be signing up for a 24-month contract one you decide to go ahead with this promotional Lite plan. This means that you won’t be able to back out prematurely without paying a penalty.

New Users Only

Sorry, existing subscribers – this promotion is only valid for new subscribers only!

Promotion Validity

Those who are interested to take advantage of this promotion will have to move fast, because it’ll only remain valid until the end of this year. That’s right, you’ve got till 31st December 2017 to snag this deal!


For now, the UniFi Lite promotional plan looks like a no-frills package that can provide you with UniFi’s speeds at a fraction of the cost. If you’d like to sign up, hurry and do so before 31st December 2017, and stay tuned for more information!

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