Are You Ready for MaxisONE Prime?


Featured image via Maxis Were you ever annoyed that you have to pay for both data and home WiFi every month? Have you ever considered cutting your subscription for either one of them due to budget constraints? Well, now that MaxisONE Prime is here, you can throw that problem out of the window! What is MaxisONE Prime? MaxisONE Prime is ...

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Ookyo, Maxis!


Featured image via Ookyo Maxis seems to have a new way for you to say hello to the Internet, and it goes by the really cute, fun name of Ookyo! At the same time, Ookyo is a newbie on the block no one knows much about. So what is this Ookyo about, and why is it so hip? What is ...

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FREE HyppTV for a Month!


Featured image via TM Raya has been running in full swing, so why not spice it up with a month-long HyppTV celebration, all for free? Yes, ALL for Free Forget about viewing selected basic channels only. HyppTV is offering its full range of channels for everyone to enjoy, at no cost, for an entire month. It doesn’t matter whether you ...

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Maxis’s Zero Bill Shock


One problem with postpaid packages is the inability to know how much you have spent (accidentally or otherwise) before you receive the bill at the end of the billing cycle. Prepaid users have that problem, too, which they find out when they suddenly run out of credit! Luckily for Maxis users, Maxis promises to get rid of this problem with ...

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NJOI Now with Astro!


Featured image via Astro Astro seems to be rolling out free versions of its services lately. First there was Astro GO, the revamped version of Astro on the Go, and now a free version of Astro NJOI, called NJOI Now, is available for your viewing pleasure. What is NJOI Now? Image via Astro Like Astro GO, NJOI Now is Astro’s ...

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Goodbye, Celcom WiFiPlus!


Featured image via Facebook How many of you have taken advantage of Celcom’s complimentary WiFiPlus service? If you loved it, gear up for the last few days of use, because Celcom is retiring the WiFiPlus after 16 May 2017. What is Celcom WiFiPlus? Do you remember seeing a WiFiPlus data balance right below your monthly usage data balance? Have you ...

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New UniFi Lite Plan for Only RM149!


Did you miss the opportunity to subscribe to UniFi back when it still offered its VIP5 and VIP10 plans? Well, now the 10Mbps plan is making a comeback, and it’s cheaper than before, too! What You Get The old VIP10 plan offered uniform 10Mbps upload and 10Mbps download speeds for RM199. For the same download speed of 10Mbps but halved ...

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What is the Internet of Things?


Pretty much everyone and their grandfather is at least passably familiar with the idea of the Internet. It’s a virtual gateway to endless sources of information, entertainment, and many others besides. For all that, the Internet has so far remained, well, virtual, until recently when it gained a new appendix: there is now an Internet of Things. What is that? ...

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