Credit Card

Double Treats with Samsung Rewards!


Featured image via Samsung If you own a recent Samsung smartphone, you’be probably noticed that it comes loaded with Samsung’s mobile payment platform, Samsung Pay. To encourage and reward you for using Samsung Pay, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is introducing Samsung Rewards, a points-based programme that will reward you from Samsung and beyond! What is Samsung Rewards? Samsung Rewards is a ...

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Ookyo, Maxis!


Featured image via Ookyo Maxis seems to have a new way for you to say hello to the Internet, and it goes by the really cute, fun name of Ookyo! At the same time, Ookyo is a newbie on the block no one knows much about. So what is this Ookyo about, and why is it so hip? What is ...

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Samsung Pay is Launching Tomorrow!


Featured image via Samsung Malaysia Are you looking for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or a Galaxy Wireless Charger? Then head over to KLCC Centre Court between tomorrow and next Tuesday (24 February 2017 — 28 February 2017) to attend the launch of the Samsung Pay service and try grab them! What is Samsung Pay? Samsung ...

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How Valuable Are Your Points and Air Miles?


Credit cards come with a whole host of benefits, from discounts and cash rebates to points and air miles. Cash rebate cards are getting more popular nowadays due to the ease and flexibility with which you can use the reward, since the rebate comes in the form of virtual cash in your account. However, that doesn’t mean that points and ...

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Does Your Credit Score Define You?


If you’re here, you’ve probably been trawling the World Wide Web for information on personal finance, credit cards, loans, mobile phones, broadbands, or insurance. And you’ve probably stumbled upon the terms ‘credit score’ and ‘credit health’ more times than you can count. So is your credit score truly the be-all-end-all for you? Financial Institutions: YES Image via The Star Online ...

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Build More Fail-Safes into Your Credit Card!


Your credit card already comes with several built-in protections, such as encryption technology, the ability to dispute charges to the card, and better consumer protection in terms of liability. Despite all these security measures, credit card scams and identity thefts are still relatively wide-spread. Here’s how to be more pro-active in securing your credit card so that you don’t become ...

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Visa vs MasterCard: What’s the Difference?


Featured image via Get a good look at your card. There’s something there that you might have taken for granted so far: the Visa or MasterCard logo in one corner. Either one of them is on every bank card you own, and why’s that? Have you ever wondered how your card got its name? What are Visa and MasterCard? ...

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Seven Things Your Bank Will Never Ask You


The existence of banks have made large-scale purchases more of a convenience than ever, and cards are heaven-sent pieces of plastic when you’re caught in an unexpected financial crisis. However, our dependence on banks also leaves us vulnerable to deceit. Educate yourself on banking procedures so that you’ll be able to catch the scams before you become a victim. Contacting you ...

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