Debit Card

Ookyo, Maxis!


Featured image via Ookyo Maxis seems to have a new way for you to say hello to the Internet, and it goes by the really cute, fun name of Ookyo! At the same time, Ookyo is a newbie on the block no one knows much about. So what is this Ookyo about, and why is it so hip? What is ...

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Samsung Pay is Launching Tomorrow!


Featured image via Samsung Malaysia Are you looking for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or a Galaxy Wireless Charger? Then head over to KLCC Centre Court between tomorrow and next Tuesday (24 February 2017 — 28 February 2017) to attend the launch of the Samsung Pay service and try grab them! What is Samsung Pay? Samsung ...

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Visa vs MasterCard: What’s the Difference?


Featured image via Get a good look at your card. There’s something there that you might have taken for granted so far: the Visa or MasterCard logo in one corner. Either one of them is on every bank card you own, and why’s that? Have you ever wondered how your card got its name? What are Visa and MasterCard? ...

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Credit Card vs Debit Card: Which Is For You?


One uses money that you’ve stashed away in your account, and another lends you money which you have to pay back. Both credit and debit cards have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to weigh them and make an informed choice. Budget Control Debit card is the clear winner when it comes to helping you budget and ...

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