Debt Management

Your Credit Score is Going Public!


Yes, you read that right: your credit score can now be accessed as easily as opening a phone app, at least for the first 100,000 app users. Malaysian credit reporting agency CTOS launched its CTOS app that provides information on your identity verification, business exposure, repayment behaviour, legal actions, case status, and bankruptcy information for the past 24 months, according ...

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PTPTN Cracking Down on Errant Borrowers


Featured image via Remember when PTPTN was considering blacklisting errant borrowers in the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS)? Now it’s a dream (or nightmare) come true. You might want to sit up and pay attention to this one, because your credit rating isn’t something to be taken lightly. What is CCRIS? CCRIS, or Central Credit Reference Information System, ...

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Does Your Credit Score Define You?


If you’re here, you’ve probably been trawling the World Wide Web for information on personal finance, credit cards, loans, mobile phones, broadbands, or insurance. And you’ve probably stumbled upon the terms ‘credit score’ and ‘credit health’ more times than you can count. So is your credit score truly the be-all-end-all for you? Financial Institutions: YES Image via The Star Online ...

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Make Surprise Expenses Painless!


For the typical belt-tightened individual, surprise expenses are something they can do without. Unfortunately, the entire reason they’re called surprise expenses is that they’re unexpected, but luckily, you can still be more prepared for it if you plan your finances well. One of the ways you can do so is by reducing the sting of recurring expenses. Here’s how! Note ...

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What is OPR and How Does It Affect You?


Featured image via The Star Online 2015 hasn’t been very kind to Malaysia’s economy and 2016 looks to fare just a little better. Our currency is the worst-performing currency in South-East Asia, the price of crude oil still isn’t improving too much, and the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which may help government coffers, is very burdensome to the average ...

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How to Fix Your CCRIS Report


Would you lend ten thousand ringgit to a stranger? If you just balked, don’t worry, that’s normal because RM10,000 is a lot of money. And while we’re along the same line of thought, have you ever wondered how banks dare to loan out thousands or millions of ringgit to people they don’t know? They may not know you personally, but ...

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6 Reasons Why You Are In Debt


More often than not, we see red when we look at our bank account balance. If you are not managing your money well, you may be scratching your head as to how you ended up in this predicament. It’s very disheartening to see red marks on our bank account balance, and it’s even worse if you’re scratching your head, wondering ...

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5 Financial Lessons Every Young Adult Should Learn


Most schools do not teach money management. Survey shows that parents rather talk about the birds and bees than wealth management. So what are the best financial lessons and advice for young people just starting to make money? Here are five financial lessons that can literally change a young person’s life forever. Work At Every Chance You Get What other ...

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