Elections 101: Clues

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Elections don’t happen overnight, so if you know what to look for, you might just find some signs that indicate an impending election. Sentiments The levels of anticipation in Malaysia is higher than it has ever been before, with two main political coalitions contesting in the past two General Elections and upsetting the norms of […]


6 Ways to Minimise Wedding Debt

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Weddings are getting more expensive nowadays, and it isn’t just due to inflation or GST. Standards have been climbing when it comes to people’s expectations of a ‘great wedding’, and every bit of those standards incur extra costs for soon-to-be newly-weds. Wedding debt can grow to quite the significant amount – and all of that […]


Credit Cards In Malaysia – Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is A Credit Card? A card issued by a financial company, usually a bank to give the holder an option to borrow funds to complete purchases. Credit cards are primarily used for short-term financing and charge interest. The interest usually begins one month after making a purchase and credit limit is set according to […]


10 Tips To Consider Before Buying Your First House

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Ask any employee about what their dreams are and chances are they’ll tell you that one of their dream is to move into their own home. For first-time home buyers, nothing can be as exciting as finally getting the keys to a house you can call your own. There’s that thrill you get when viewing […]


5 Reasons You Should Get A Second Credit Card

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The credit card is an awesome and terrifying invention. Awesome, because it allows us to purchase goods and services without lugging around stacks of cash; terrifying, because it’s so easy to overspend when your cash outflow appears to be nothing more than numbers on a receipt. The interest rates on the unpaid amount can “snowball” […]