Save for Haj with e-THiJARI


Featured image via e-THiJARI For Muslims, a pilgrimage to Mecca is a rite of passage and a responsibility for those who can afford it. The pilgrimage, or ‘menunaikan haji’ in Malay, refers to the act of visiting an important and revered place (Mecca). Image via Universitas Abulyatama What is the Role of Tabung Haji? Tabung Haji, or the Pilgrims Fund ...

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How Do Free Mobile Apps Make Money?


Aren’t you curious how apps that are totally free on the App Store or Google Play make money? What makes free apps worth its developer’s time? ‘Free’ and ‘earning money’ seem like paradoxes; how can you earn from something that’s free? The immediate answer for that is advertising or in-app purchases, but there are in reality several other money-making incentives ...

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The Power of Teen-Driven E-Commerce


The millennials may have the older generations shaking their heads, but their successors, Generation Z, are those who have fully breached the divide between the pre- and boom. Generation Z are the children who have grown up entirely familiar with electronic gadgets, the Internet, smartphones, and tablets, and they’re now entering their adolescent years. They’re used to documenting their ...

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Simplify: Your Best Friend for Data!


Have you ever been frustrated looking for much-need Wi-Fi overseas? Thanks to Malaysian entrepreneur Yen Pei Tay, that may soon be a thing of the past. His app, Simplify, aims to do away with the furious hunt for cheap Wi-Fi (or any Wi-Fi zone, for that matter) whenever you’re overseas or simply lacking your own data source, and the idea ...

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What’s the Deal with EPF’s Akaun Emas?


The way EPF handles your monthly monetary contributions is about to change. Previously, both you and your employer (if any) funnel those contributions to EPF, who then splits that amount 70:30 respectively into Account 1 and Account 2. Account 1 stood for the amount that you cannot withdraw no matter what until you’re 55 or permanently incapacitated; Account 2 can ...

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Creative Ways to Earn Money


Featured image via Money Crashers Are you looking for ways to earn money that doesn’t involve writing, freelancing, or blogging? You never know when something you tried just for kicks can turn into something lucrative, just like Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage. You never know when it’ll turn into something more Then consider trying one or a few of these ...

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Turn a Profit with Your Car!


A car is a depreciating asset, which means that its value decreases over time. Its resale value gets lower and lower with each passing year. But while its perceived value is sure to drop, your car doesn’t necessarily have to incur losses; in fact, it might even pay for itself if you play your cards right! Join Ride-Sharing Apps The ...

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Make Surprise Expenses Painless!


For the typical belt-tightened individual, surprise expenses are something they can do without. Unfortunately, the entire reason they’re called surprise expenses is that they’re unexpected, but luckily, you can still be more prepared for it if you plan your finances well. One of the ways you can do so is by reducing the sting of recurring expenses. Here’s how! Note ...

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