Can an Old Car Still Buy Car Insurance?


You need car insurance – at the very minimum, a third-party insurance policy – if you want to legally drive your car on the road. Usually this is an easy, painless process that’s even offered by your car seller, but problems start pouring in as your car ages and car insurance companies start refusing to sell you insurance. Yes, they ...

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Key Pointers for Insurance Shopping


Insurance is an instrument that covers you in the event of an incident, accident, illness, or even death. There are many types of insurance around, and even those of the same type can vary in terms of their charges, levels of cover, and excess calculation methods. So how can you go about sniffing out the perfect insurance package for you? ...

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A Brief Introduction to Car Insurance


For many of us, the car is our primary means of transport unless we own a motorcycle or have access to a more reliable mode of public transportation such as Kuala Lumpur’s LRTs. It’s also an expensive asset to acquire, ranking just below real estate and maybe your education, depending on where and what you studied. It’s basically a really ...

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Irresistible Ways to Spend to Save


When we spend, we lose money, right? Not really. The first thing that flitted through your mind when you thought of spending to save is probably investments, and you’re right – except that the investments in question isn’t limited just to fixed deposits, unit trusts, real estate, or other typical investment vehicles you know. Sometimes you have to spend a ...

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Where Should You Go to Buy Travel Insurance?


You’re all set for your next dream holiday: clothes have been purchased, luggage has been packed, flights and accommodations have been booked, but what about travel insurance, and do you need it? There are as many types of travel insurance packages as there are types of insurance. You might not even need it as the coverage offered may overlap with ...

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Update Your Medical Insurance Package Now

Update Your Medical Insurance Now

So you have a medical insurance package with a medical card in hand, and you think everything is fine and dandy. Or is it? If your package was bought one or two decades ago, it may have fallen behind the times, leaving you with inadequate coverage when you need it. You may think that your current medical insurance package is ...

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Health Insurance for the Family


Sometimes unexpected health complications happen and the best thing to do is to get yourself to a private hospital ASAP. This can incur high costs that you may not be able to foot easily, which is why you need a health insurance plan. The next logical step, then, is to also insure your spouse and children. So how do you ...

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5 Tips For Choosing A Health Insurance


The current private healthcare system in Malaysia is, without a doubt, getting more and more expensive. That’s why it is vital you have health insurance. However, you don’t want to just get any random health insurance package. You want to purchase the health insurance package that will actually work for you and your family. To ensure you’re getting the right ...

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