Tips And Rules for Celebrating Hari Raya

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With only less than 24 hours left before Hari Raya, what is there not to love about Hari Raya? From listening to the cheerful laughters of little children to people dressing up in Baju Melayu’s and Baju Kurungs with different colors, delicious food and delicacies, and the annual ritual of visiting one another’s home for […]


Zero-Rated GST & Insurance

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We’ve all come across websites trumpeting significant price drops for big purchases such as cars in Malaysia’s current zero-rated GST environment. However, most of these expensive purchases also necessitate insurance – so how is insurance faring with zero-rated GST? Brief GST Timeline The 6% Goods and Services Tax, or GST for short, was introduced between […]


Jimatkan masa untuk renew insurans kereta

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Roadtax dan insurans merupakan perkara yang penting jika kita memiliki kenderaan, sama ada kereta mahupun motosikal. Jika tiada roadtax anda mungkin akan dikenakan saman oleh polis trafik dan jika tiada insurans kereta anda mungkin tiada pelindungan ketika berlaku kemalangan.   Tahukah anda ada 2 jenis insurans yang kita boleh pilih :- 1) Insurans komprehensif – […]