Medical Insurance

Update Your Medical Insurance Package Now

Update Your Medical Insurance Now

So you have a medical insurance package with a medical card in hand, and you think everything is fine and dandy. Or is it? If your package was bought one or two decades ago, it may have fallen behind the times, leaving you with inadequate coverage when you need it. You may think that your current medical insurance package is ...

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5 Tips For Choosing A Health Insurance


The current private healthcare system in Malaysia is, without a doubt, getting more and more expensive. That’s why it is vital you have health insurance. However, you don’t want to just get any random health insurance package. You want to purchase the health insurance package that will actually work for you and your family. To ensure you’re getting the right ...

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5 Things Medical Insurance Does Not Cover


If you once thought that medical insurance is your panacea to your medically-caused financial troubles, think again. There are some things that medical insurance does not cover, so read the fine print properly before you purchase one! 1. Pre-Existing Conditions A pre-existing condition is an illness or medical condition that existed before a insured person’s policy effective date. These medical conditions ...

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Medical Card: 5 Basic Things You Should Know


A medical card is a handy thing to have when you fall ill or become hospitalised. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a medical card, whether for yourself or for your family members: 1. Panel Hospital Each insurance company has their own list of collaborating hospitals. If you are admitted to a panel hospital, you don’t need ...

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