Walkability and Property Prices

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Are you a property hunter on the prowl for profitable properties to invest in? As pretty much any investor will tell you, it’s all about the location, location, location. Traditionally, this meant that your potential property should preferably be located in the ‘hot’ part of town, near various public amenities, offices, tertiary educational institutions, or […]


How Many Types of Fixed Deposits Do You Know?

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We all know that fixed deposits are practically the easiest, safest, lowest-risk form of investment available – but did you know that there’s more than one type of fixed deposit in the market? We’re not just talking Bank A versus Bank B, either. The Standard Fixed Deposit The standard fixed deposit is easy to understand […]


What Do Rich People Invest in, Besides Property?

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In 2014, the total wealth held by millionaires in the world grew to USD56.4 trillion. While the majority of that wealth is still in North America, the bulk of the growth was seen in the Asia-Pacific region, which saw wealth grow by 11 percent to USD15.8 trillion. Total global wealth is expected to top USD70.5 […]


5 Financial Lessons Every Young Adult Should Learn

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Most schools do not teach money management. Survey shows that parents rather talk about the birds and bees than wealth management. So what are the best financial lessons and advice for young people just starting to make money? Here are five financial lessons that can literally change a young person’s life forever. Work At Every […]


Choosing Between Growth and Value Investing

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You’ve probably thought about investing as a way to make some passive income. There are, however, many types and styles of investments, and not all of them are your cup of tea. Are you more of a growth investor or a value investor? Both types have significantly different characteristics, so you might want to find […]