Keep Your Mobile Data Private!


Your privacy is of utmost importance. Usually, your primary concern are hackers, but then sometimes there may be ‘accidental’ hackers in the form of close friends or family members with whom you share your device. On laptops, this is usually not a problem, since you’re able to set up different profiles for different users. How can you keep your phone ...

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When Should You Start Writing Your Will?


Saying that you can write a will at any point in their lives is not exactly accurate, but once you’re over 18 years old, it’s a possibility in most places. However, not many people have assets to will as young adults. When’s the perfect time to write a will, then? Things to Consider Having not much wealth (yet) isn’t a ...

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What is a Will, and Do You Need One?


Malaysians, or Asians in general, don’t like to talk about death, much less their own. Unfortunately, our lives are finite, and we will definitely leave one day. Wouldn’t you like to ensure your loved ones are well cared for with your worldly assets when that day comes? That’s what wills are for. About Wills A will is a legal document ...

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Should You Buy Your Child a Home?


Should you buy your kid a home? And if you decide that you should, how should you go about doing it? As with many things in life, there are many ways to go about it. Fully Fund the House The most difficult for you, and the easiest for your child, is to fully foot the cost of the house on ...

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10 Financial Steps to Take Before Having Kids


Having kids is the next step in your marital life. They’re cute, adorable, lovable…but also extremely expensive. Kids will be a constant drain on your resources for the next two decades, so you’ll have to plan well before you have them. Here are some things you should do before welcoming a new addition to your family: 1. Prepare your budget ...

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5 Ways To Reduce Financial Burden Of Having Kids


Kids cost a bomb to raise and nurture. That said, they’re a form of long-term investment, even if investors don’t talk about them since they don’t rake in returns for a long, long time, but there’s no reason why you can’t make some money to reduce your burden while taking care for them! 1. Sell Their Pre-loved Clothes Kids grow up ...

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6 Reasons To Give Your Children An Allowance


At one point, your children will start leaving the home to attend school, college or university. They’ll start hanging out with friends. They’ll get new hobbies. And for parents, all those mean one thing: your children will need more money. And yet, if they’re used to asking you for money whenever they need it, what are you teaching them? Is giving them ...

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6 Lessons that Turn Kids into Money-Savvy Adults


You want your kids to grow up into financially-conscious adults, but teaching financial lessons to precocious children can be a test of patience and frustration. They have short attention spans. On the bright side, they’re also highly adaptable, so there’s a chance they’ll pick up the lessons you’re implying without them knowing it. Here are 6 lessons that can teach ...

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