Nifty Tricks on iOS 11


Featured image via Bunny Slippers The final version of iOS 11 is a little over a fortnight young by now, and Apple users who own compatible devices would have had some time to get used to the new update, as well as discover some tips and tricks that help make your iOS experience much better than before. Here are a ...

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Are You Ready for MaxisONE Prime?


Featured image via Maxis Were you ever annoyed that you have to pay for both data and home WiFi every month? Have you ever considered cutting your subscription for either one of them due to budget constraints? Well, now that MaxisONE Prime is here, you can throw that problem out of the window! What is MaxisONE Prime? MaxisONE Prime is ...

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Huawei to Top Apple, Samsung?


Featured image via Talk Android Huawei recently announced that its upcoming flagship smartphone will have the potential to beat rivals Apple and Samsung, at least in the chipset department. This flagship phone, the Mate 10, and its sister the Mate 10 Pro, will be unveiled in October, so this announcement really spices up the wait. The Chip Image via GStatic ...

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Google Assistant : Your Future Household Helper


The idea of a virtual assistant has projected beyond your smartphone. It hasn’t quite become mainstream in Malaysia yet, but one day, you can look forward to Google Assistant helping you with your tedious household chores – and it’s becoming more fact than myth by the day! What is Google Assistant? Google Assistant is Google’s virtual personal assistant. joining the ...

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Get the HTC U11 for RM70/Month with Maxis!


Featured image via Maxis Malaysia The HTC U11 is HTC’s flagship phone, which launched in June 2017 with a starting price of RM3,099. It sounds like a premium phone that you’ll have to save up for, right? Well, now Maxis is here to help you get that U11 for as low as RM70 a month! Which Model is It? There’s ...

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Are Wearables Worth It?


Wearables are becoming more and more ubiquitous nowadays, in part thanks to the success of the smartphone and wireless connections. Unlike smartphones, wearables are a relatively recent introduction, and its market is expected to boom in the hundreds of millions by 2019, according to Juniper Research. For all that, though, the wearable industry has a ways to go before it ...

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Grab These Freebies with Your Sony Xperia Pre-Order!


Featured image via Sony Mobile One long month after the unveiling of the Sony Xperia XZs and Xperia XA1, it is finally ready for pre-order in Malaysia, and Sony’s about to reward its early bird customers with goodies with hundreds of ringgit! What’s up for grabs? About the Sony Xperia XZs The Sony Xperia XZs is the successor to Sony’s ...

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