Must-Have: Unifi Ramadhan Promo!

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Raya is coming soon in a little under two weeks. You know what that means: lots of duit raya, good food, and large family gatherings that fill your houses to bursting. And everyone wants your Wi-Fi password when they’re there. Oh, my Internet! UniFi to the Rescue All’s not lost though, because UniFi has launched […]


No Cab? Rent a Car!

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Featured image via Facebook KLites, you’re probably very familiar with Grab and Uber by now. It’s just that, sometimes, what you need is not just a convenient one-way ride, but all the perks that go along with driving your own car, too. And that’s where SOCAR comes in! What’s SOCAR? SOCAR puts a new twist […]


Get Potholes Fixed with Waze!

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Have you ever cruised along a road, enjoying the ride, then got the shock of your life when your car jolts downwards with a bang? Congratulations, that’s probably a pothole you just ran over, and congratulations again, because it seems that finally something will be done to fix it faster than ever. Potholes Just to […]