No Cab? Rent a Car!

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Featured image via Facebook KLites, you’re probably very familiar with Grab and Uber by now. It’s just that, sometimes, what you need is not just a convenient one-way ride, but all the perks that go along with driving your own car, too. And that’s where SOCAR comes in! What’s SOCAR? SOCAR puts a new twist […]


Get Potholes Fixed with Waze!

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Have you ever cruised along a road, enjoying the ride, then got the shock of your life when your car jolts downwards with a bang? Congratulations, that’s probably a pothole you just ran over, and congratulations again, because it seems that finally something will be done to fix it faster than ever. Potholes Just to […]


JPJ’s on WhatsApp!

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Is Twitter not fast enough, Facebook not viral enough, or police station reports not straightforward enough for you? Well, now JPJ has chosen to open a WhatsApp hotline for your complaints, so it should be faster than ever! What is JPJ’s WhatsApp Channel? JPJ’s WhatsApp channel is the Road Transport Department’s latest bid to ensure […]


Waze’s Raya Rush Hotspots Alert

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Hari Raya is but a week away, and for Malaysians, it’s either time to celebrate, or time to enjoy an extended weekend holiday. That said, though, as Hari Raya is one of the major festivals in Malaysia, it also means that travelers will have to gear up for the dreaded exodus and resultant traffic jam. […]


Simplify: Your Best Friend for Data!

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Have you ever been frustrated looking for much-need Wi-Fi overseas? Thanks to Malaysian entrepreneur Yen Pei Tay, that may soon be a thing of the past. His app, Simplify, aims to do away with the furious hunt for cheap Wi-Fi (or any Wi-Fi zone, for that matter) whenever you’re overseas or simply lacking your own […]