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Facebook’s Profile Picture Guard


The risk of Facebook identity theft may hopefully become a thing of the past with Facebook finally playing a pro-active measure in the prevention of identity theft, or more specifically in this case, photo theft. How Does It Work? Your friends recognise your Facebook profile primarily through your mutual friends, profile photos, and uploaded photos. Written information can easily be ...

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The Power of Teen-Driven E-Commerce


The millennials may have the older generations shaking their heads, but their successors, Generation Z, are those who have fully breached the divide between the pre- and boom. Generation Z are the children who have grown up entirely familiar with electronic gadgets, the Internet, smartphones, and tablets, and they’re now entering their adolescent years. They’re used to documenting their ...

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How to Make the Most of Your Smartphone


Featured image via Freepik The prices of smartphones may have become more affordable in recent years, but the high-end ones with the specifications you’ve been eyeing tend to cost a lot. If you want to get one of the better models anyway, here are some tips on how to make the most of the premium smartphone you get! Use It ...

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TIME Fibre Home Broadband Promo

Time MI Band Promo 2

Have you ever wished for super-fast Internet speeds for your gaming or movie bingeing pleasure? TIME Fibre Home broadband might just be the one for you, and there are freebies up for grabs to boot! About TIME Home Broadband There are three different plans for you to choose from, depending on the speed you’re hoping for: 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, ...

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The Price of Citizenship


Once a citizen, always a citizen – or is it? The Malaysian diaspora is a well-lamented problem. Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) tried to curb some of this brain drain by introducing the Returning Expert Programme (REP) to attract Malaysians to return home and the Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) to retain skilled expatriates in Malaysia. These programmes assess the individual based ...

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What’s the Deal with EPF’s Akaun Emas?


The way EPF handles your monthly monetary contributions is about to change. Previously, both you and your employer (if any) funnel those contributions to EPF, who then splits that amount 70:30 respectively into Account 1 and Account 2. Account 1 stood for the amount that you cannot withdraw no matter what until you’re 55 or permanently incapacitated; Account 2 can ...

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PTPTN Cracking Down on Errant Borrowers


Featured image via Remember when PTPTN was considering blacklisting errant borrowers in the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS)? Now it’s a dream (or nightmare) come true. You might want to sit up and pay attention to this one, because your credit rating isn’t something to be taken lightly. What is CCRIS? CCRIS, or Central Credit Reference Information System, ...

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Expenses to Consider When Moving to a Big City


For those who live in outside of big cities, the thought of moving into one – and not for a holiday! – probably sounds thrilling. In many ways, it is. Big cities such as Penang and Kuala Lumpur have many perks that smaller cities don’t have yet. There are bigger malls, concerts, nicer cafes, and a much, much better public ...

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