Credit Card Tips for College

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Malaysian public universities are going to start a new semester soon, so to all returning students, welcome back, and to new students, congratulations on your enrolment! For many of you, college or university life is the first time you’ll be stepping out of your nest for an extended period of time, and this might feel […]


Top Reasons to Use a Business Credit Card

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We’ve often touched on personal credit cards for use by Malaysians in general. This makes it relatable to everyone regardless of occupation or income level. But did you know that there is a separate category of credit cards specifically tailored for businessmen? Yes, they exist, and this is what you should know about them and […]


Elections 101

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If you’ve been browsing our national news and blogs even sporadically for the past few months, you might have seen numerous rumours and guesses on when a Certain Event Will be Held. This refers to the next general election, but before we delve into the details, let’s get a brief overview of the electoral system […]


Facebook’s Profile Picture Guard

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The risk of Facebook identity theft may hopefully become a thing of the past with Facebook finally playing a pro-active measure in the prevention of identity theft, or more specifically in this case, photo theft. How Does It Work? Your friends recognise your Facebook profile primarily through your mutual friends, profile photos, and uploaded photos. […]


The Power of Teen-Driven E-Commerce

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The millennials may have the older generations shaking their heads, but their successors, Generation Z, are those who have fully breached the divide between the pre- and boom. Generation Z are the children who have grown up entirely familiar with electronic gadgets, the Internet, smartphones, and tablets, and they’re now entering their adolescent years. […]

Time MI Band Promo 2

TIME Fibre Home Broadband Promo

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Have you ever wished for super-fast Internet speeds for your gaming or movie bingeing pleasure? TIME Fibre Home broadband might just be the one for you, and there are freebies up for grabs to boot! About TIME Home Broadband There are three different plans for you to choose from, depending on the speed you’re hoping […]


The Price of Citizenship

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Once a citizen, always a citizen – or is it? The Malaysian diaspora is a well-lamented problem. Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) tried to curb some of this brain drain by introducing the Returning Expert Programme (REP) to attract Malaysians to return home and the Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) to retain skilled expatriates in Malaysia. These […]