Apple Says Hi from Lazada!


So far, Malaysians tend to get their Apple gadgets from the Apple website, major telcos, or authorised Apple resellers. We may have Switch and Machines outlets, but Apple itself is noticeably absent from Malaysia. But that’s going to change soon – even if it’s not a conventional brick-and-mortar one. But Wait…Apple’s Already There! If you’re surprised by this announcement, don’t ...

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The Best Way to Use Your Smartphone Anonymously


Our privacy is something valuable that is hard to maintain in this day and age. A lot of our personal information can be gleaned and even stolen. Sometimes, it’s for something relatively benign if annoying, such as consumer behaviour data collection, but sometimes it’s something as insidious as identity theft. Most of this is done through an active Internet connection. ...

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Enjoy Shopee’s Birthday Sale!


Shopee will turn two this December, and it’s looking to celebrate it with you! What is Shopee? If you’ve a passing familiarity with the likes of Amazon, Lazada, and Alibaba, you’re more than likely to take to Shopee like a fish to water. Shopee is an e-commerce site and mobile application for your online shopping needs. To date, Shopee has ...

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The First Gamer Smartphone by Razer is Here!


You’ve probably long associated Razer with its gamut of gaming devices and accessories. As of November 2017, Razer has also ventured into a new market – smartphones – with its debut, the Razer Phone. Would this be a smartphone by gamers, for gamers? About Razer Razer has practically been synonymous with gaming since its inception in 2005, with a full ...

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Keep Your Appliances Alive After the Flood!


Featured image via New Straits Times The flood that just devastated Penang and some parts of Kedah was an unprecedented natural disaster. 1,000 Penang companies have lost an estimated RM300 million due to the floods, and this whopping figure hasn’t even taken into account personal losses yet. Luckily, a few companies have made it their new mission to help you ...

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iPhone X is Coming to Malaysia!


The world has gradually been coming to know the Apple iPhone X, and now Malaysians finally have a confirmed date for when the smartphone will hit Malaysian shores! When? Note down this date on your calendar: 24 November 2017. That’s the date stated on the Apple Malaysia website for the release of the iPhone X in Malaysia, a simple “24.11” ...

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Get 999GB for Facebook!


Featured image via Hotlink Yes, you absolutely read that right, and it wasn’t a typographical error. You really stand the chance to get 999GB for Facebook surfing, courtesy of Hotlink. Read on to see how you can get it! The Offer Good things come in threes, apparently. The name of the offer is Free Fast Facebook, corresponding with the triple-nine ...

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The Best Way to Stay Safe When Using iOS 11


The iOS 11 comes with several new features over its predecessors that are sure to make your smartphone experience smoother than ever before. Malaysians would have had a little over a week to get used to the updated operating system. That said, do you know how to make your iOS experience safer and more secure? The Myth The previous version ...

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