Money Management

Your Credit Score is Going Public!


Yes, you read that right: your credit score can now be accessed as easily as opening a phone app, at least for the first 100,000 app users. Malaysian credit reporting agency CTOS launched its CTOS app that provides information on your identity verification, business exposure, repayment behaviour, legal actions, case status, and bankruptcy information for the past 24 months, according ...

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What’s the Deal with EPF’s Akaun Emas?


The way EPF handles your monthly monetary contributions is about to change. Previously, both you and your employer (if any) funnel those contributions to EPF, who then splits that amount 70:30 respectively into Account 1 and Account 2. Account 1 stood for the amount that you cannot withdraw no matter what until you’re 55 or permanently incapacitated; Account 2 can ...

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Expenses to Consider When Moving to a Big City


For those who live in outside of big cities, the thought of moving into one – and not for a holiday! – probably sounds thrilling. In many ways, it is. Big cities such as Penang and Kuala Lumpur have many perks that smaller cities don’t have yet. There are bigger malls, concerts, nicer cafes, and a much, much better public ...

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5 Money Moves to Make Young


  Financial security is something that most people don’t start thinking about until they are much older. Bad move. Indulging in bad money habits when young is something you’ll regret when you’re past your prime and peak earning power.  How you conduct yourself and your money at a young age will determine your financial situation in the future.  What can ...

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Seven Things Your Bank Will Never Ask You


The existence of banks have made large-scale purchases more of a convenience than ever, and cards are heaven-sent pieces of plastic when you’re caught in an unexpected financial crisis. However, our dependence on banks also leaves us vulnerable to deceit. Educate yourself on banking procedures so that you’ll be able to catch the scams before you become a victim. Contacting you ...

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4 Syariah-Compliant Investment Plans For Everyone


Featured image via WorldOfTravel Normal avenues for investment aren’t available to Muslims due to the presence of unsury (riba), gambling (maisir) and ambiguity (gharar). To compensate for this, Malaysia has made available several Islamic investment products that are free of these influences. These investment plans can also be purchased by all non-Muslims. 1. Islamic REITS (i-REITs) Malaysia was the first ...

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Get Aggressive with Fixed Deposits Today!


So you thought fixed deposits are the easiest, safest, no-hassle forms of investment around? Well, you’re both right and wrong. While the under-lying principle remains the same, there are actually ways to optimise your fixed deposit investments so that they beat the inflation rate and really generate income for you, too. Take Advantage of Promotions The main key to take ...

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How Many Types of Fixed Deposits Do You Know?


We all know that fixed deposits are practically the easiest, safest, lowest-risk form of investment available – but did you know that there’s more than one type of fixed deposit in the market? We’re not just talking Bank A versus Bank B, either. The Standard Fixed Deposit The standard fixed deposit is easy to understand in principle. You deposit a ...

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