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What does the Google-HTC Deal Mean?


Google has just purchased a large share of consumer electronics manufacturer HTC, both giants in their own right. Is this a deal that is bound to shake the industry in the future? Google’s History It may not seem so now, but Google’s roots lie in software and services (Google search engine and Android, anyone?). Over the years, Google has expanded ...

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iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus vs X


Featured image via WCCFTech Apple is about to unveil not one, not two, but three phones this year, and two of them are coming to stores near you very soon. It’s not just ‘upgrades’ like what you’d consider the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus to be, either – there’s a brand new flagship phone in the queue, and it’s called ...

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Allo Web!


Featured image via Google Blog Google has been saying ‘Allo over your smartphone for quite a while, but sometimes, nothing beats the convenience of having everything on one computer screen. Despite Google’s stubbornness so far at sticking to mobile platforms, it seems that Allo is finally going to be primed for web clients as well. That’s great news! What is ...

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Beware of AWAS!


Featured image via SAYS Come April 2017, the Automated Awareness Safety System (AWAS) which was delayed by almost year from its original launch date of May 2016 will start operations, so for those who tend to drive recklessly, it’s time to be careful! What is AWAS? The conveniently-acronymed AWAS actually makes use of both the Automated Enforcement System (AES) and ...

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New Year Resolution: The Return of Nokia


Gen-X and Gen-Y people should be intimately familiar with the Nokia brand of phones. Even if you’re not from Gen-X or Gen-Y, then you would have at least been exposed to the countless memes depicting old Nokia phones as being trusty and very indestructible (maybe not water-proof, but it can definitely handle a tall fall or two!). Nokia blipped off ...

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Is Your Phone on WhatsApp’s Kill List?


In February 2016, WhatsApp announced its plans to stop supporting certain mobile platforms by the end of 2016. Since we are three weeks away to the new year, it’s high time you do a quick check to see if your phone – or more accurately, your phone’s operating system – can still run WhatsApp in 2017 before it’s too late. ...

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Is Your Phone’s Service Being Disrupted?


Have you experienced dropped calls, delays in receiving SMS or messages, or suddenly terrible Internet connections? For once, it isn’t necessarily due to deteriorating service or a burdened network, so you can stop the blame game this time — your network service provider cannot help it! The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, MCMC, the regulator of the communications and multimedia ...

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