Top Tips to Keep Your Home Insurance Valid

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Your home is probably the most expensive asset purchase you’ll make in your life, so it makes sense to purchase a home insurance for it. However, taking out home insurance isn’t the end of the story; you need to keep within the terms and conditions of the contract in order to keep your home insurance […]


Breaking News: EOT and Your Home

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A landmark decision was reached a fortnight ago about the granting of EOTs, or Extensions of Time, to housing projects. The decision was lauded as a win for homebuyers. But what is EOT, and how does it affect you? Extension of Time Extension of Time, or EOT for short, is a provision that allows for […]


Financing Your Home is About to Get Easier

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The term end-financing has been cropping up quite often recently in the wake of the recently-announced Budget 2017, most notably in the promise of a step-up end-financing scheme that will make home acquisition easier for first-time home buyers. But to the initiated, what exactly is end-financing, and how does it help? End-Financing End-financing is basically […]


Should DIBS be Reintroduced?

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Housing affordability is a major issue for many Malaysians today. Our properties are actually considered severely unaffordable, according to Khazanah Malaysia. We’re hitting nearly twice the maximum median affordability of homes, at a 5.5 median in some places, when the median ceiling is just three times a Malaysian’s median income. As such, the government has […]


Secure Your Holiday Accommodations!

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What can possibly be worse than missing a flight or losing your luggage at the airport? Nothing much – but being cheated of your holiday’s accommodations probably comes a close third, since without them you literally don’t have a place to stay! Sometimes it’s due to something as innocuous as accidental overbooking online, but other […]