Retirement Planning

What’s the Deal with EPF’s Akaun Emas?


The way EPF handles your monthly monetary contributions is about to change. Previously, both you and your employer (if any) funnel those contributions to EPF, who then splits that amount 70:30 respectively into Account 1 and Account 2. Account 1 stood for the amount that you cannot withdraw no matter what until you’re 55 or permanently incapacitated; Account 2 can ...

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Living Trusts vs Wills — Which One’s Better?


  They may serve the same final purpose, but living trusts and wills employ different means of getting there. As part of your financial management arsenal, they both help to distribute your assets upon your passing, but with different requirements. Living Trusts Defined Living trusts are essentially contracts between the creator of the contract (called a grantor, trustor or settlor), ...

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Working Past Retirement: What Should You Prepare?


  Whether it’s for a challenge, a sense of fulfillment, or simply a lack of options, working past retirement slaving away in an office cubicle can be, at a glance, a distasteful option, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Flexibility and less physically strenuous activity would be nice aims to achieve. Here are several ways to prepare your ...

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Are You Ready to Retire by Yourself?


EPF is worried that more than half its account holders barely have enough to comfortably survivenot working past retirement; indeed, RM50,000 is a small figure when you factor in inflation and rising medical costs as you age past your prime. At the same time, it’s a big figure to accumulate over your effective working lifetime as you juggle loans, household ...

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What Happens Debts After Death?


We all carry debt at some points of our lives. Sometimes, you just aren’t able to pay them off before you pass away. You may die accidentally, die from illness, or die from old age without fully polishing off your debt. You won’t get bogged down by them when you die, of course – but what about your family? Your ...

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Can You Retire In Your 30s?


So maybe you’ve been thinking about retiring in your 30’s, really thinking about it, and you don’t want it to be just another pipe dream. You want to make it come true. Maybe you want to go travelling or enjoy things close to home. Either way is it really viable for anyone to be retiring at that age? Conditions for ...

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What is a Will, and Do You Need One?


Malaysians, or Asians in general, don’t like to talk about death, much less their own. Unfortunately, our lives are finite, and we will definitely leave one day. Wouldn’t you like to ensure your loved ones are well cared for with your worldly assets when that day comes? That’s what wills are for. About Wills A will is a legal document ...

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Is Your Home Ready for Your Retirement?


The way you use your home will change as you age. The biggest permanent change in your adult life, barring unforeseeable accidents or children leaving your home, is when you leave the working world for good to kick back and relax in your home. You’ll have to shift things around to settle down comfortably – in other words, you’ll be ...

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