What does the Google-HTC Deal Mean?


Google has just purchased a large share of consumer electronics manufacturer HTC, both giants in their own right. Is this a deal that is bound to shake the industry in the future? Google’s History It may not seem so now, but Google’s roots lie in software and services (Google search engine and Android, anyone?). Over the years, Google has expanded ...

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What Will Happen to Google Drive?


Is Google Drive dying? Is it time for you scramble for a new cloud storage before time runs out and you lose years of precious data? Luckily, the answer is no…well, sometimes. When is Google Drive ‘Dying’? Shock rippled across the Internet community when multiple Internet webpages announced that Google was planning to shut down Google Drive in March 2018. ...

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Would You Like to Stay Anonymous?


How far would you go to remain anonymous when you’re online? Anonymity was so much easier without social media. The Internet used to offer a semblance of even greater anonymity, since no one could connect your user profile to your face – or at least, that used to be the case, before the advent of facial recognition technology. What is ...

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Allo Web!


Featured image via Google Blog Google has been saying ‘Allo over your smartphone for quite a while, but sometimes, nothing beats the convenience of having everything on one computer screen. Despite Google’s stubbornness so far at sticking to mobile platforms, it seems that Allo is finally going to be primed for web clients as well. That’s great news! What is ...

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What is Quick Charge?


We practically live with our phones glued to our sides nowadays. That makes it all the more difficult for us to part with our phones to charge them – because, as you know (and do), you shouldn’t use your phones when you charge them. That’s why Quick Charge the time-saver is here to save the day! What is Quick Charge? ...

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Optimise Your Searches with Chrome 60!


Who doesn’t like being efficient? The Internet is a great boon to knowledge, but it can also be a bane if you can’t figure out the keywords you need to get the results you want! Google understands this, and for a long time, it’s been updating its search engines and techniques to make searches easier for you. Some of the ...

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Send Any File Through WhatsApp!


Featured image via ARWebzone The use of WhatsApp is pretty much ubiquitous nowadays, whether for casual or office use. From simple messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, WhatsApp has now expanded to include customization of font styles, daily picture statuses, and much more. Fresh out of beta testing is WhatsApp’s ability to share any type of file through ...

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