The Importance of Broadband Internet In This Modern Era.

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Nowadays, the role of internet is getting more important and it is highly needed not only by businesses or enterprises but also individuals. Businesses requireinternet to grow their business and also boost their profits. They use internet to promote their company, to introduce new products, sell products directly newcustomers, connect with customers and many more . […]


Enjoy Shopping Scam-Free!

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As much as we trust authorised retailers and official websites, it’s undeniable that the prices of the goods and services they offer tend to cost a bit more (or a lot more, depending on the circumstances). You’ll also be hard-pressed to find pre-loved items through those websites. At the same time, though, you’re wary about […]


Keep Your Wi-Fi Safe!

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Free Wi-Fi draws people to places like bees to honey. Malaysia has free Wi-Fi in many places, you’re your favourite cafes to popular outdoor spots around town, and many connect to these networks for their daily dose of Internet. You’ve probably been warned of the safety risks associated with free Wi-Fi…but did you know that […]


Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Deepagrams!

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Featured image via Maxis Deepavali is coming up in a few days, and after giving Malaysians plantable angpows this Chinese New Year, Maxis is back with a new way to celebrate the ‘lights’ part of the festival of lights. What Are Deepagrams? Deepagrams are Deepavali money packets that can transform into a holographic light. Celebrate […]