Justeland: A Real Estate Agency You Should Go To For Housing Needs

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Justeland is a licensed real estate agency in Malaysia which is registered currently with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents of Malaysia. In Justeland, the agency is divided into more than 60 professional in full – time whom specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial properties and land in Klang Valley. Just like many […]


5 Main Traditions To Follow During Deepavali.

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The Deepavali celebration in India has a long history as it is celebrated all over India symbolizing triumph over darkness. In North India, Diwali is celebrated to honor the victory of Lord Rama over King Ravana and his return back home after 14 years of exile. In South Indian traditions, it marks the victory of […]

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What You Shouldn’t Do With Personal Loan?

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We can automatically use personal loan to pay up for almost anything, however, many people take this literally and use this to their own advantage. According to one news, some loan applicants have come up and cited a few, peculiar reasons for applying. Certain reasons such as buying an airplane were one of the reasons […]


How To Achieve Your Millionaire Goals With Compound Interest

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We always fantasize about living the life that we have always imagined. However, with all the monthly utility bills, mortgages, and even other expenses to take care of, we can sadly say that these factors will prevent us further from achieving our financial goals. However, with careful and proper financial management and planning, 0ne can […]


Why Saving Money Is Important For All Malaysians?

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Did you know that most Malaysians are borrowing money more than saving it? There are certain types of savings that we must take note of and the reasons why. The State of Households reported that only 10.8% of households will be able to survive a sudden loss of income or financial shock. With a population […]


Top Tips for Hit-and-Run Cases

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Hit-and-run cases make for nasty surprises when you realise your car has been damaged. Most times, you’d be relatively lucky and escape with minor scrapes and dents. Other times, though, it might cost you a pretty penny, and worse still, you won’t even know who to get angry at! Prevention is Better than Cure The […]

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How Much Should You Have In Your Savings By The Age of 30?

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Having some savings as a cushion for yourself plays an important in managing your finances. It is one of the most basic step your should take in building your wealth before going into personal finance components which are more complex such as having personal investments, property/ asset management and building your own business as a […]