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Deepavali is coming up in a few days, and after giving Malaysians plantable angpows this Chinese New Year, Maxis is back with a new way to celebrate the ‘lights’ part of the festival of lights.

What Are Deepagrams?

Deepagrams are Deepavali money packets that can transform into a holographic light. Celebrate your Deepavali in futuristic style using the Deepagram and your smartphone. Forget about 2D or 3D, because Maxis is now making its Deepavali greetings literally pop out of your smartphone!

The Contents of a Deepagram

Those Deepagrams are not just empty packets! Maxis gifts each Deepagram money packet comes with a transparent plastic that can be folded into a prism. This trapezoid prism will be the container for the special holograph video Maxis has prepared for you.

How Can They be Used?

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The Deepagrams can be set up in four easy steps, as follows:
1. Take out the money in the Deepagram money packet!
2. Assemble the transparent plastic sheet in the Deepagram into a prism for the hologram.
3. Scan the QR code on the back of the Deepagram to access and load the YouTube video.
4. Place the prism on your smartphone over the hologram video and watch it come to life!

How to Get Them

Getting a Deepagram for your delighted children is simple: simply walk into any Maxis store in Malaysia and obtain them whenever you sign up with Maxis or make a transaction of any value – at least while stocks last. Just this once, forsake the convenience of the Internet and head over to a physical Maxis store, for the sake of these goodies!

How Much Do They Cost?

The best part about Deepagrams, aside from their technological advancement, is that they are totally free! That’s right, you needn’t pay anything for the Deepagrams themselves to enjoy the holographic Deepavali greeting. You’ll be able to experience a new way of celebrating the Festival of Lights at no additional cost.

Want Them Anyway?

What if the Deepagrams run out of stock before you can get your hands on them? Thankfully, holograph prisms are easy to make, and there are holographic videos online on sites such as YouTube for you to enjoy.


There are only limited Deepagrams available, so be sure to grab them as soon as you can!

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