UniFi has also joined the SEA Games fever, and it’s giving away prizes for the masses to enjoy as well – provided you have a sharp eye!

What Contest?

The contest itself is pretty simple, but unless you have a sharp eye, you’ll have to pray for Lady Luck and your lucky star as well to make a good, good guess to win the game. There’ll be a transparent box of Rimau at select locations in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor throughout these two months. All you have to do is to count those Rimau, document your guess, and hope for the best!

What Can You Win?

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The prizes are well worth striving for, considering how easy it is to participate. There’ll be a grand prize, sixty bonus prizes, as well as 450 weekly prizes. This translates into a grand total of 511 prizes to be won! The prizes for grabs are as follows (hint: keep your eye on the grand prize):

Grand Prize

1 Sedan Car

Bonus Prize

30 Samsung Galaxy S8

Bonus Prize

30 Fitbit Charge 2

Weekly Prizes

450 exclusive Team Malaysia KL2017 Jersey

Who Can Win?

New and existing UniFi subscribers are eligible to participate in this contest, as well as those who sign up for Autopay or TM Rewards. You’re allowed multiple entries, so if you upgrade or subscribe to UniFi, sign up for Autopay, AND sign up for TM Rewards, you have five (5)chances to get it right!

How to Win?

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Now that you’ve gotten your entry passes, it’s time to count the Rimau! Really, it’s as simple as circling around the box (or looking at images of it) and counting the number of Rimau soft toys stuffed in it.

Where to Win?

Rimau will be travelling around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor throughout the contest period, so you’ll have to catch him while you can. But don’t worry – this isn’t a “Find Rimau” contest, so UniFi has kindly revealed all his locations throughout the contest period for eligible contestants. You can find Rimau at the following places on the stated dates before he moves again:
01/8/2017 – 15/8/2017 – TMpoint Shah Alam
16/8/2017 -31/8/2017 – TMpoint Damansara Utama
01/9/2017 – 15/9/2017 – TMpoint Cyberjaya
16/9/2017 -30/9/2017 – TMpoint Pandan Indah
If you’re not in KL, you can also make your guess by scrutinising the images provided by UniFi on their webpage.

When to Win?

The contest will run from 1st August to 30 September, so you have over a month left to try your luck with UniFi.


Don’t those prizes sound enticing? Hurry up and try to grab them while the contest lasts!

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