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Are you looking for ways to earn money that doesn’t involve writing, freelancing, or blogging? You never know when something you tried just for kicks can turn into something lucrative, just like Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage. You never know when it’ll turn into something more Then consider trying one or a few of these gigs for size!

Open an Online Store

If you’ve some art skills, you can make some money off your artwork, designs and handicrafts on websites such as Etsy. Pre-loved items that are still in acceptable to good condition can also be sold through sites like eBay and Amazon for extra cash.

Tweet for Cash

Earning money for 140 words or less sounds like a dream come true, and for some people, it really is. Companies looking to leverage on the power of virtual word-of-mouth pay influential Twitterers pay them to tweet the company’s advertisements. It’s not just for celebrities, either; those with a strong Twitter following can stand to earn from pay-per-Tweet, too.

Flip Domain Names

A domain name is basically the website address that you see at the top of your Internet browser (for example, In addition to the name you’ll also have to choose from a variety of extensions such as .my, .net, and so on in addition to the commonly used .com. If you prefer to not crack your head over new names, do some sleuthing online instead to find purchase available domain names with commercial value, then sell them.

Create Things to Sell in Online Games

In-game items aren’t supposed to be sold for real-life cash, though there are people who take it a step further by selling entire game accounts, too.Now you needn’t break the rules anymore, because Sony’s SOE Player Studio program is a unique platform that allows you to create items to be sold to SOE players, and it’s legal to boot.


Baby-sitting and pet-sitting may not be your cup of tea if you’re not up to handling crying, pooping living beings. In that case, you can opt to house-sit instead. Houses don’t talk, don’t complain, and they basically sit there gathering dust (which you’re supposed to clean) while you sit around occupying the house until its owners return. Think about it as being paid to watch over your neighbour’s house, plus free accommodation.

Become a Translator

Multi-linguals are in greater demand than ever both locally and overseas. Malaysians are naturally advantaged due to our multi-language upbringing, since we know at least two languages at any one time. If you’re good at two or more of them, you can try your hand at translating either spoken or written words. Bonus points if your second language is a rare one such as German or Italian that’s not commonly spoken here.

Start an Online Tutoring Business

Opening a brick-and-mortar tuition centre is illegal in Malaysia if you don’t have the appropriate license and credentials, but you don’t have such constraints if you take your tutoring online. You can tutor on anything from school subjects, to languages, to gardening. It’s your call!

Join a Focus Group

Companies who want feedback on their products will organise focus groups to gather information and opinions on a new idea. You stand a higher chance of finding such gigs in urban centres such as Kuala Lumpur, but they may also be available in your area if you know where to look. Companies typically compensate participants for their time with freebies in addition to a pay that can be around RM100 for three hours. It’s not bad for three hours of brainstorming and opining.

Rent Out Space

You can still rent out space even if you’re leery about letting strangers into your house. In fact, who said you have to let people into your house at all if you’re looking to rent? Keep your private spaces private by renting out your public space — your spare parking bay is a good place to start.

Sell Bottled Water at Events

Bottled water is cheap and easily available. People also tend to forget to bring them when they attend events such as yoga and zumba days or concerts. Earn money by quenching their thirst for a few hours at a reasonably marked-up price.

Invent a Product

If you’re creative or innovative, you can consider inventing and selling your own products both online and offline. Just take, for example, the simple plastic automatic egg boiler, which makes perfectly cooked eggs, created by Datuk Hew Ah Kow (by the way, he’s a Malaysian!).

Look for Unclaimed Money

You never know where you might find some spare change. Maybe you left money lying around and it somehow slipped underneath your mattress, between your cushions, or in your sofa lining. Look around for forgotten investment accounts from which you can withdraw your money if you’re no longer interested in them. It’s worth a try!


Part-time and full-time jobs are no longer the only ways to earn money. Side income can be found in a variety of ways – it’s up to you find a creative spin to it!

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