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If you own a recent Samsung smartphone, you’be probably noticed that it comes loaded with Samsung’s mobile payment platform, Samsung Pay. To encourage and reward you for using Samsung Pay, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is introducing Samsung Rewards, a points-based programme that will reward you from Samsung and beyond!

What is Samsung Rewards?

Samsung Rewards is a points-based loyalty programme by Samsung, for Samsung Pay. There’s no need to download anything – simply update Samsung Pay, activate it if you haven’t done so, then voila, you’re in! Like many other loyalty programmes, you get to use those Rewards points to redeem items and other goodies.

The Loyalty Tiers

It’s not enough to simply earn points. Rack them up to climb up Samsung Reward’s loyalty tiers, from Bronze to Silver to Gold, and make your points count more. Each loyalty tier improves your point multipliers, so earning points when you’re a Gold level user gives you more bang for your figurative buck than if you’re a Silver or Bronze level.

How Can You Gain Points?

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Simply use Samsung Pay as often as you can to gain points – it’s really that simple! The points you gain are based on the value of your purchases transacted through Samsung Pay, and are multiplied based on your loyalty ranking for the month on Samsung Pay. Also, you automatically gain 450 welcome points the moment you activate Samsung Pay. Good for you!

Earn Double for Your Trouble!

Frequent credit card users will be happy to know that your credit cards will rack up points, rebates, or miles as usual through Samsung Pay, as though you physically used the cards themselves. This means that you earn double rewards whenever you use Samsung Pay, which is a really neat feature to have, because it spares you the agony of choosing. Plus, barcode-based loyalty cards can add to the count as well!

Beyond Samsung

Want even more points on top of the double rewards Samsung Pay is offering? Well, third time’s the charm, they say, and it’s still true here! Use Samsung Pay with a linked credit card to earn additional points when you purchase from Juice Works, dal.komm Coffee, GSC Cinemas, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Lazada, and Domino’s Pizza, with more to come.

Redeemable Rewards

No points-to-cash system here, but the goodies are nothing to sneeze at, either. Rack up enough points, and you stand to redeem a Wireless Charger Stand, a Battery Pack, or a Gear S3 Frontier – or all three! – from Samsung.

Supported Cards

Samsung’s still working on getting more cards on board, but its current repertoire is quite good already: if you own any MasterCard or Visa credit cards issued by CIMB Bank, Citibank, Maybank, Standard Chartered Bank, or RHB Bank, you’re in luck. The list already covers several major banks in Malaysia, after all!


The world is steadily moving towards a cashless society, and Samsung’s triple incentives is a really enticing start into Malaysia’s cashless lifestyle. Are you ready to go cashless yet? Head over to their website if you need more convincing!

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