It’s here again guys! In a few days time, the time has come for all Malaysians to decide who will be forming the federal government for the next 5 years and at the same time, this election will be the most tightly contested election in the history of Malaysia. Regardless of which party you are going to vote for, there are some do’s and dont’s that every Malaysians must follow on polling day to ensure that the voting process will be carried out smoothly especially if you are voting for the first time. Here are some of the do’s and don’t  for you to take into account.

Do’s                                                               download

1.Always ensure that you have your IC with you.

Always ensure that you have your Identification Card with you when you are at the polling station as it is needed for verification purposes


2.  Mark an “X” on  your ballot paper.

This is seriously important guys, there are some people who do not know how to mark their ballot paper. Always mark with an “X” and not circle, rectangle, square or any other shapes or markings.


3. Ensure that your ballot paper has a serial number and a stamp on it.

This is to ensure legitimacy of your vote.


4. Make sure your ballot paper is clean and free from any stains.

You do not want your vote to be counted as “Undi Rosak” do you? Make sure that your ballot paper is clean and spotless before submitting.



Malaysians queue outside a polling station to cast their vote in Pekan on May 5, 2013. Malaysians voted in their first election in history with a change of government at stake, as a decades-old regime battles to hold off a rising opposition pledging sweeping reform. AFP PHOTO / ROSLAN RAHMAN

1. Do not wear any clothes that has political party logos or political messages

Failure to abide by this law may result in a severe penalty

2.  Do not accept or use ballot paper if it is stained, damaged or does not have serial number case.

You may refer to the images above point 4 and 3 in the do’s section on what is a valid ballot paper.


3. Do not wait or loiter around after you have cast your votes.

You’ve read that correctly folks, it is against the law to loiter within 50 meters of the vicinity of the polling station after you have casted your votes. In short, go home or someplace else immediately once you are done voting.


4. Do not use your phone while casting your vote.

This also includes taking pictures or videos to update your social media status.

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