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Yes, you absolutely read that right, and it wasn’t a typographical error. You really stand the chance to get 999GB for Facebook surfing, courtesy of Hotlink. Read on to see how you can get it!

The Offer

Good things come in threes, apparently. The name of the offer is Free Fast Facebook, corresponding with the triple-nine – 999GB – worth of data for Facebook. We have no idea how ‘fast’ your surfing experience will be, but according to Hotlink, your 999GB is certainly free so long as you’re eligible for it.

The Coverage

According to Hotlink, the free 999GB data will cover your usage on the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps, Facebook Videos, and Facebook Live. That should cover most, if not all, of your Facebook surfing habits, and the fact that the data-heavy Facebook Videos is covered too is most definitely a big plus!

The Priorities

To streamline their various offerings and to prevent any clashes, Hotlink determined the priority of its various Internet passes. The order in which your data will be drawn when you use Facebook are as follows: Unlimited Music Pass, Free 999GB Facebook, Happy Hour, HotlinkMU Passes, Midnight Passes, FAST 4G Weekend Passes, Facebook/Video Passes, Internet Passes, Quota Addon, then finally Free Social Chat. This means that your Facebook surfing will draw from your 999GB Free Fast Facebook unless you’re listening to music, when the Unlimited Music Pass takes over instead.

The Steps

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All you need to do is follow a few simple steps if you want to grab this tantalising offer, in the order listed below:
1. Pick up a new Hotlink FAST or Hotlink Super starter pack.
2. Buy either one of these Internet Passes:
– Daily RM3 Mobile Internet Pass
– Weekly RM10 Mobile Internet Pass
– Monthly Internet Pass (at least RM35 and above)
3. Activate the eligible Internet Pass by 31 December 2017.
4. Start surfing Facebook!

The Validity

The 999GB that automatically comes when you activate one of the eligible Internet Passes will remain valid for the duration of your Internet Pass. So if you activated the Daily Internet Pass, your 999GB Free Fast Facebook will be valid for 24 hours; if you activated the Monthly Internet Pass, you get to use the 999GB for one month! (Imagine trying to finish 999GB of Facebook surfing data in one day…are you up for the challenge?).


Hotlink imposes several terms and conditions with regards to your eligibility for this offer, so read up carefully to ensure that you can make yourself eligible! Firstly, you must be a new Hotlink subscriber, and you must activate your Hotlink SIM pack between 2 November 2017 and 31 December 2017. Your Hotlink starter pack must also be either the Hotlink FAST or Hotlink Super starter pack. So hurry up and grab the correct pack to start surfing!


Even the most hardcore Facebook user might find themselves hard-pressed to use up 999GB worth of data on Facebook alone, so if you’re all up for the challenge, sign up for the Free Fast Facebook offer today!

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